How long does delivery take?

This really depends on what you are ordering and how you are ordering. If you are ordering multiple brands (Biz Collection, Aussie Pacific, Aus Spirit etc) then it will take longer to ship them because we have to bring them all to our store and then ship again. But if you order a single brand and if the order value is more than $500.00 and provided it is a business address it will be shipped directly from the suppliers warehouse next business day. For delivery time frames read our shipping info here

Are there any minimums?

We have no minimums for purchases but for decorations, there are - please read our branding pages for more information.

Can I place order for assorted sizes and colours?

Absolutely, you can order in any colour and sized assortments, there is no limitation.

I want decoration to be done, how do I send my logo?

Once you have placed your order, you will get a confirmation, you can respond back to that confirmation by sending your logo. Logo can be in any file format PDF, EPS, JPEG, PNG etc.

What if I want a custom quote?

We understand that every business is different and every business needs vary. We are a people company and believe that we also need to put a voice and a face to the name. Please give us a call anytime and discuss your needs with the sales team at 1300 400 995 or 02 96400 795 or email