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Ladies Belts at Uniform Wholesalers

By Harish Sabnani
on March 15, 2019

Belts are one of the most common forms of accessories that is used mainly to fasten the trousers or any type of clothing. Though it is most commonly used by men, they have also been used by women in the earlier days, and still too.

The history of belts can be traced back to the Bronze Ages, and these items have been documented as male clothing since those times. According to the changing fashion conditions, women have used them too, and these conditions have even seen belts fall out on popularity among men, at times. But now, it is one of the principal accessories of men.

During the middle ages, belts had become a fashion item for women. From then on, it has been something that rose in popularity or fallen out in favour of women, as time passed. During the late 17h century, and in the 20th century, they were popular items, with the present times seeing women opt for belts occasionally with skirt and blouse, or dresses.

Belts of ladies can be a useful accessory, particularly for corporate women. With a blouse and a shirt, a belt would easily go, and it would also highlight the prominence or style of a lady. It adds to her styling and lends her an air of confidence and authority. Such also is the case while wearing a belt with a dress. It would undoubtedly lend great styling and personality to the person wearing it. Coming in a variety of styles, shapes and colours, a belt when worn outside lend a distinctive class to the women.

Ladies belts have now grown in popularity and there is a lot of manufacturers who produce high-quality belts created especially to the working woman. Now, you may be thinking of buying a ladies belt, but may not be sure where to purchase from. Well, there is no need to worry, as Uniform Wholesalers provides the best ladies belts in Australia.

Uniform Wholesalers is Australia’s leading and most popular online store that provides the best solutions in uniform, promotional wear, team wear, workwear, safety wear, casual wear and accessories at the best wholesale prices in Australia. Uniform Wholesalers is set up with the intention to provide the best at the best rates to organizations and individuals in Australia.

At Uniform Wholesalers, you can find a fair collection of Ladies Belts from some major Australian brands. The brands that we provide in ladies belts are Biz Collection and Biz Corporates. From Biz Collection brand, you can purchase the Biz Collection Ladies PU Belt (BB10920) and the Biz Collection Ladies PU Belt (BB10929). From Biz Corporates brand, you can purchase the Biz Corporates Ladies Leather Reversible Belt(99200). These products, coming from the major fashion houses in Australia, will be ones that showcase outstanding durability and functionality and lends you the best of style and comfort.

Bulks discounts provided at Uniform Wholesalers is devised in such a manner as to provide you with the best shopping experience and savings. From Uniform Wholesalers, when you purchase 10+ items, you can save 5% off the order amount. For purchases that have more than 25 items, you can have a discount of 7.5% on the order amount. For purchases of over 50 items, 100 items and 200 items, you can stand to avail whooping discounts of 10%, 12.50% and 15% off on the order amount. So, with Uniform Wholesalers, make your bulk shopping a wonderful experience.

Uniform Wholesalers have partnered with Afterpay service that enables you to Buy Now and Pay it later. Well, with this service, you can purchase whatever you like from Uniform Wholesalers, without paying a single cent at the time of purchase. Well, all you need to do is choose Afterpay while at the checkout page of our site. Once you have chosen their services, your order amount will be paid by them, and you can repay them back in 4 equal fortnightly instalments. Well, if you are thinking about the interest rate, the best part is that there are no interest charges for this service.

Purchase the best Ladies Belts from the leading brands in Australia, from Australia’s most trusted online store, Uniform Wholesalers. Visit our online store now.

Brand Focus - Great Southern

By Parveen Gowda
on March 08, 2019

Outdoors is what we are always concerned about. We will be anxious about how the weather will be like, how to stay protected against all the natural elements and so on. But what if you have a brand that takes care of all your outdoor needs? Well, lets us meet the brand.

The brand mentioned here is none other than Great Southern. A brand which started its operations in 1988, Great Southern is Australia’s most experienced and one of the largest jacket manufacturers. This brand specializes in outdoor clothing and understands how much preference we all give for outdoor clothing. It must not only provide us with comfort but also keep us protected from all the natural elements, especially when we least expect it.

Well wait, is this brand all about jackets? No, from this brand you can find a whole range of apparels that include Singlets, Polos, Hoodies, Bags, Caps and Hats, Accessories and much more. Great Southern, though taking pride in their jacket range, is a brand that has a great collection of products that provide complete clothing solutions to the people across different industries.

For over 30 years this brand has been at the forefront of manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of corporate and sporting apparel. What makes this brand’s product stand apart from the rest of the brands is that each of them is premium quality apparel. It is what Great Southern takes great care about because they know how important quality is considered by the Aussies. To ensure great quality for its products Great Southern manages strict quality control procedures. It helps all of its products to stand the test of time and quality.

Each of the products by this brand is made of materials that are sourced ethically and crafted with responsibility. By following strong social ethics and corporate responsibility you can be sure about the quality that this brand delivers through each of its products.

To provide the best safety and protection against natural elements, Great Southern products come with some innovative features, with one among them being Vor-Tech construction. Vor-Tech Jackets are exclusive to Great Southern brand and is designed to be a barrier between you and the elements. Vor-Tech fabric offers incredible breathability and efficient waterproofing properties.

The Vor-Tech is a 2 or 3 layer design which involves the lamination of Vor-Tech membrane with outer fabric and lining to provide superior wind resistance, water resistance and warmth. The breathable property of the garments helps in keeping you dry, fresh and comfortable all day long.

Great Southern brand also has products that boast of utilising a durable water repellent (DWR) technology. This causes water to bead and run off the garment. If a product sports this technology, you can be sure that for the life of the garment, water is unable to soak into the weave of the outer fabric.

Indeed, Great Southern is a brand that provides the best products catering to the different needs of the Aussies. Be it for casual needs, sports needs or for staying protected outdoors, you can have from this brand a great collection of products. And now, where can you purchase these quality products from?

Uniform Wholesalers is your best online store in Australia to make quality purchases of any type of clothing. We have a huge collection of products that include Business wear, Workwear, Safety wear, Teamwear, Kids wear, Ladies wear, PPE and much more spread across 50 major brands in Australia. What makes our store different is that we help you purchase the best quality products at wholesale prices in the industry.

At Uniform Wholesalers, you can also find some quality products from Great Southern. The products fall under categories such as Adult Hoodies, Adult Jackets, Adult Vests, Gents Jackets, Ladies Jackets, Ladies Knitwear and Ladies Scarf.

The products that you can purchase from this brand are Great Southern Men's Softshell Vest-(J801), Great Southern The Three In One Men's Jacket-(J804), Great Southern Mens Softshell-(J800-M), Great Southern Cable Knit Scarf-(J540), Great Southern Men's Zip Hoodie-(J626), Great Southern The Puffer-(J806), Great Southern Acrylic Scarf-(J545), Great Southern Fleecy Hoodie-(J630), Great Southern Polar Fleece Scarf-(J518), Great Southern The Premium Softshell Men's Jacket-(J802-M), Great Southern The Premium Softshell Women's Jacket-(J802-W), Great Southern Adult The All-Rounder Jacket-(J803), Great Southern Women's Zip Hoodie-(J635), Great Southern The Softshell Women's Jacket-(J800-W) and the Great Southern Clothing Women's Ruga Knit Scarf-(J625).

Purchase these quality products from Great Southern at wholesale prices from Uniform Wholesalers. Visit our online store now.

KingGee Work Pants at Uniform Wholesalers

By Harish Sabnani
on February 20, 2019

It is hard not to fall in love with a product from KingGee brand. This is a brand that has built its reputation as a manufacturer and provider of high-quality products that suits a wide variety of needs, including work, safety needs, casual purpose and more.

This prominent brand that began its services almost 9 decades ago and is all about manufacturing the best quality apparels that excelled in every arena. From KingGee, all you can find are the toughest of products that help you to perform at your very best, no matter the conditions. In short, this can be called as the toughest brand in Australia.

KingGee is a brand that tries to constantly evolve, with each change occurring in the work environment. The passion and expertise that KingGee brand has is second to none. This passion has helped them to bring out a whole range of premium apparels that provide comfort, durability and functionality.

An awesome collection of quality ranges of products is what sets KingGee brand apart from the other brands. These ranges have a whole range of products that are designed and developed with much pride and care. It is these ranges that helps KingGee to “lead the industrial workwear industry and push the boundaries of garment development to new levels”.

Workwear is one category of products that are the most sought after in the industrial sector. Workwear is clothes designed to be worn for work, especially those works that involves hard manual labour. These clothes are designed to provide safety and protection to the wearers, which is why tradies opt to be dressed in them while at work.

The category of workwear includes a wide range of products and one among them are work pants. Work pants should be garments that showcases the best durability and flexibility. Most importantly, these garments must never limit or hinder the range of movement of the tradie or tear or rip off while he is engaged in hard work. With pants being products that are at an increased risk to abrasions, wear and tear, and so on, the fabrics, stitching used should of the greatest quality.

KingGee is famous for its work pants that comes with many innovative and features of protection like knee pads or pleats to deliver exceptional knee protection, tough ripstop fabric crafted exclusively designed for industrial purposes, so as to prevent tearing and abrasions, triple stitched seams that are durable, cooling eyelets to induce more airflow, multifunctional pockets that can carry anything for you and so on. These all could be the reasons behind mates going after this brand.

Wishing to purchase the KingGee work pants? If so, Uniform Wholesalers is the best store for you to make your purchase. Uniform Wholesalers is Australia’s best-loved online store from where you can purchase the best products from Australia’s most loved brands at wholesale prices in the industry.

KingGee Work Pants are some of the most sought after products at Uniform Wholesalers. The products that you can purchase from us include KingGee Workcool 2 Pants (K13820), King Gee Workcool Drill Pant (K13800), King Gee Narrow Tradie Pant (K13280), King Gee Tradies Utility Cargo Pant (K69860), King Gee Steel Tuff Drill Trouser - 100% Cotton Drill-310gsm (K03010), King Gee Worn Gs Tradies - Worn G's Pant - 100% Cotton Drill (K13200), Kinggee Tradies Hem Pants (K69865), King Gee New G's Worker's Pant- 100% Cotton Technotex Drill-310gsm (K13100), King Gee Workcool - Workcool 2 Women's Pants - Cotton Ripstop;weight 235gsm (K43820), King Gee Basic Drill Cargo Pant 280GSM (K03035), Kinggee Basic Drill Cargo Pant With Tape 280gsm (K53015), King Gee Basic Drill Pant 280GSM (K03015), King Gee Mens Traditional Chinos Pant (K13350).

Purchase the best collection of KingGee Work Pants at the best prices from Uniform Wholesalers at the best prices in the industry.

Brand Focus - Legend Life

By Harish Sabnani
on February 15, 2019

One of the main concerns of all business people would be how to grow their brand name or make it known to people far and wide. For attaining this goal, they may adopt different marketing strategies. Some may succeed while some may fail.

Now we have a question for you. What if you could find something that would promote your brand without you needing to spend a lot? What if you could find some place where brands live? If you are on the search of such a place, then you would need to go only as far as Legend Life brand. This is where legends are born.

Legend Life is one of Australia’s most trusted and best-loved brands. This brand is famed as “one of Australia’s largest and most experienced promotional product suppliers.” True to its word, by its varied collection of quality products, this brand has helped other brands grow and propagate their name far and wide.

Legend Life brand has been successfully engaged in manufacturing an extensive range of promotional products that cater to various needs. The products that this brand manufactures include headwear, bags, clothes and many more that adorns people’s head, back and shoulders. These products are used across a wide range of industries including mining, government, retail, corporate, uniforms, school and safety wear, events and more.

What does make this brand stay classes apart from its many competitors is that it loves to design. This brand is always engaged in bringing out the best products that sport the best designs and styles so as to remain competitive on the styling front. They all can make sure that you look your best and that your style is accentuated.

Legend Life is a brand that sources their products ethically so that they produce not only high-quality products but also along with its responsibility. Each of their customers who choose a Legend Life product is affiliating with their strong social ethics and corporate responsibility.

To produce premium quality apparel and other products, this brand works closely with factories and manage strict quality control procedures. With this, they ensure that each product is developed in compliance with all standards and that they are able to withstand the test of time. So, always be sure that when you choose a Legend Life product, you are choosing quality. From Legend Life, you would always get a 100% product quality guarantee that leads to 100% customer satisfaction.

With Legend Life you can grow your brand to heights that you can only dream of. So, if you are planning to purchase the best products from Legend Life at the best prices in the industry, you ought to visit Uniform Wholesalers. Uniform Wholesalers is Australia’s best-loved online store from where you can purchase the best uniform clothing, workwear, safety wear, team wear, casual wear and many more at the best wholesale prices in the industry. We have over 50 brands in our catalogue, which makes choosing the best for you much easier.

Legend Life is one of the brands we are so proud of. From this brand, you can find a whole lot of products that cater to your various styling and other needs. The product we have come from brands such as Beanies, Chino Washed Caps, Cotton Caps, Specialty Cap Designs and Visors.

The products that you can purchase with us include Legend Life Foam Mesh Trucker Cap (4055), Legend Life Vortech Bucket Hat (4015), Legend Life Sandwich Brim Bucket Hat (4007), Legend Life Heavy Brushed Cotton Cap (4171), Legend Life Poly Viscose Bucket Hat (4005A), Legend Life Polar Fleece Beanie (4292), Legend Life Surf Hat (4287), Legend Life Sport Visor (4379), Legend Life Rotated Sandwich Peak Cap (4290), Legend Life OneFit Cap (3970), Legend Life Cable Knit Beanie (4235), Legend Life 100% Acrylic Beanie (4229), Legend Life Sandwich Peak Cap (4289), Legend Life Defender Vortech Cap (4012) and much more.

Well now, if you are looking for branding purposes, you would need effective branding solutions. The branding solutions we provide come in the form of Embroidery Services, Screen Print and Heat Transfer services.

In our Embroidery Services, we offer Left or Right Chest Embroidery, Back Embroidery, Name Embroidery and Cap/Hat Embroidery. At affordable rates, low minimums and a low setup fee for new customers and new designs, we provide the best embroidery services in the industry.

Under Screen Print, we provide 1 Colour Print, 2 Colour Print, 3 Colour Print and 4 Colour Print. Heat transfer can be used to decorate your team wear apparels with Left Chest Logo, Left Chest Numbers, Back Logo, Back Numbers and Names. These product customization services come at low, affordable costs, with low minimums and affordable setup fees.

Purchase the best Legend Life from Uniform Wholesalers at wholesale prices in the industry. Visit our online store now.

Purchase the Perfect Polos from Be Seen

By Deepa Sabnani
on February 12, 2019

A polo shirt is one of the most popular and functional of all apparels available around us today. The popularity of this product is largely based on the fact that it is easy to wear and made of breathable fabric that keeps us comfortable wherever we are.

Polo shirts are also called as tennis shirts or golf shirts, because of the widespread use of them in these sports. The polo shirt as we see today was originally created for the tennis players, who till then played using ordinary white shirts with rolled up sleeves. This attire presented problems like the rolling down of sleeves, shirt being pulled out from the trousers etc., that hindered ease of play and comfort. Thus, to provide the players with comfort and facilitate ease of play, “a white, short-sleeved, loosely-knit cotton shirt with an unstarched, flat, protruding collar, a buttoned placket”, was introduced, which was the first polo shirt.

From the first product itself, the polo shirt was designed as activewear, designed to provide great comfort to those engaged in an active lifestyle each day. This is true even today and we can find a lot of brands bringing out a wide range of high-quality polos, designed to cater to the needs of the active men and women. And among them, one brand stays a step ahead, which is none other than the Be Seen brand.

Well, the name of the brand itself reflects what it is all about, a brand that helps you to stand out in a crowd and be noticed by many. Well, the quality and functionality of the products of this brand help you to notice this brand and rely on it for all your casual clothing and activewear needs. For over the past 10 years, this brand has been delivering exactly what the active men and women need - products that are lightweight and durable, ensuring maximum comfort and functionality all day.

Polos from Be Seen is designed of advanced breathable fabrics that possess impressive moisture wicking properties. Falling under the Cooldry range, which is a performance-based fabric, the moisture management technology of Be Seen Polos helps to keep the wearer dry and fresh. With excellent UV protection, these garments can protect you while out there in the sun. And, moreover, each of these garments is designed for easy care, where you just need to wash, dry and wear them.

With the Be Seen Polos being a great item to be owned, where can you purchase the best of them? Uniform Wholesalers can be a good place to purchase these perfect polos, as we are the clothing industry experts with more than 10 years of expertise. By providing only the best clothing for the Aussies, we have become the most popular and the leading online store to purchase uniform clothing, sportswear and other casual wears.

At Uniform Wholesalers, we have a wide collection of Be Seen Polos that come from two different categories - Mens Polos and Ladies Polos. By purchasing from Uniform Wholesalers, you can have the best products at the most affordable price in the Australian clothing industry.

Be Seen Polos are created to be branded or customised. Under customisation services, Uniform Wholesalers provide Embroidery Services, Screen Print Services and Heat Transfer Services. Under Embroidery services, you can avail Left or Right Chest Embroidery, Back Embroidery and Name Embroidery. In our Screen Print services, you can avail 1 Colour Print, 2 Colour Print, 3 Colour Print and 4 Colour Print services. In our Heat Transfer services, you can have Left Chest Logo, Left Chest Numbers, Back Logo, Back Numbers and Name. With a low minimum and low setup fees, you can avail our customisation services at the best price.

Purchase the best Polos from Be Seen through Uniform Wholesalers online store today.

James Harvest Gents Polos at Uniform Wholesalers

By Harish Sabnani
on February 08, 2019

Style, functionality, comfort, durability - these are some of the qualities that people look for in apparel. These can only be achieved if the apparels are made in the best way possible, with emphasis laid on its design, the fabrics used and the craftsmanship. In short, only the best can bring out the best.

The search for the best is innate in human nature and it is to exploit this search that all the brands call themselves as the best. But the only question that remains is whether they are truly the best? Well, one thing is true and it is that only the person with the first-hand experience can bring out a better solution than the earlier, and in this respect, James Harvest can be hailed as the best brand.

James Harvest Sportswear brand was launched to cater to the many needs of the athletes. What makes this brand truly exceptional is the fact that it was developed by an athlete himself who had the first-hand knowledge of what the activewear of the times lacked. Designed in the latest fashion, James Harvest clothing was developed to be the best in everything and is considered the epitome of quality, style and functionality.

Through the use of high-quality fabrics and fixtures, James Harvest has addressed all needs of functionality and durability. The best fabrics also ensure a high comfort level of the wearer so that they can partake in their tasks with ease. With each product carefully designed to assist brand, with James Harvest, you can have garments that not only stands the test of time but also which helps in reflecting the “essence” of your company.

From James Harvest brand you can find a good range of casual, team wear clothing and activewear that outshines all others in terms of functionality and quality. One category among the many products that they design and develop is the polos, which are the most highly regarded clothing among all. Comfortable, durable and functional, polos are original activewear clothing which is also widely used as casual wear.

The origin of polos can be dated back to the early 20th century when tennis was played with button up full sleeved white shirts. The sleeves were rolled up during the matches and it would often roll down and cause problems to the players. It is to address this issue, and many more, that polo shirt was first introduced. It was hugely popular then and still is used in tennis, golf and polo matches.

James Harvest polos are the best in quality and one of the most sought after products in Australia. To cater to the increasing needs of the people, Uniform Wholesalers has a good collection of polo products from this brand. What makes Uniform Wholesalers your most trusted online store is that we provide quality products from many leading brands in Australia, at wholesale prices.

The James Harvest Gents Polos that you can purchase from us includes James Harvest Surf Gents Polos-(SURF), James Harvest Anderson Gents Polos-(ANDERSON), James Harvest Avon Gents Polos-(AVON), James Harvest Eagle Gents Polos-(EAGLE), James Harvest Surf Pro Gents Polos-(SURF PRO), James Harvest Morton Heights Gents Polos-(MORTON HEIGHTS) and the James Harvest Surf RSX Gents Polos-(SURF RSX).

From Uniform Wholesalers, you can avail quality product customisation services in the form of Embroidery and Screen Print. From our embroidery services, you can avail Left or Right Chest Embroidery, Back Embroidery and Name Embroidery. In Screen Print Services, you can avail 1 Colour Print, 2 Colour Print, 3 Colour Print and 4 Colour Print. Affordable pricing for these services can make sure that you have a cost-effective means of product customisation.

Purchase the best James Harvest Gents Polos from Uniform Wholesalers at wholesale rates in the industry. Visit our online store now.

Quality Eyewear at Affordable Prices

By Harish Sabnani
on February 06, 2019

No other organ in our body will be as sensitive as the eye. How uncomfortable and irritated would we be when dust particles or other things get into our eyes? Or when we are standing near a fire, our eyes too would burn due to the heat, making us uncomfortable.

The above are cases that could occur in our everyday life. If this is normally the case, let’s consider how hard would it be for those tradies who work in places where there is a risk of dust, dry particles or any other such things? Well, the thought of it makes us involuntarily shudder, doesn’t it? The need for taking good protection of the eyes is something that we have been taught from our younger days.

It was usual to hear our parents telling us not to look directly at the sun, during our younger days, and to use a sunglass if they need to. If adequate protection is not provided to the eyes, while engaged in activities that pose a risk to the health of our eye, can often lead to many eye problems, and even to blindness.

Thus it is highly important that when the tradie is engaged in work in an environment that can possibly do some serious damage to his eyes, that he protect his eyes. And how can he do it without restricting his range of vision? Well, it is for this purpose that there is a wide range of eyewear available around us today.

Eyewear is a category of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). PPE is a term used for a wide variety of equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from injury and infection. PPE can include safety clothing, helmets, goggles, or other equipment.

The function for which eyewear is designed is to keep the eyes safe from damage or any other problem. Each eyewear would differ in size or shape, according to the tasks they are bound to perform, but still, they all have a uniform purpose. Eyewear is commonly used by people during swimming, cycling, welding, sungazing and performing other such things.

There is no second opinion to the fact that eyewear is so important in a workplace, as injuries to the eye, from workplaces, is always on the rise. At workplaces, eyes can be affected by metal pieces, wood chips, sand, small particles in smoke or such other things. So, as to protect the eyes, eyewear like safety glasses can be used, which provides protection from external debris, and also provides protection from the sides as well, with their side shield or wrap-around design.

Planning to purchase eyewear for the best protection? Then purchase the best of them from Uniform Wholesalers. Yeah, your favourite online store takes care of all your needs. We wish to be the one online store from where you can purchase everything for your work and casual needs. We have a great collection of uniform clothing, casual wear, corporate clothing, workwear, safety wear, team wear, PPE and many more products. The best fact of our online store is that you can purchase these items at the best wholesale prices in Australia.

The Eyewear available at Uniform Wholesalers come from the leading brand names DNC Workwear and JB’s Wear. The products that you can purchase from us are DNC Aurora Safety Spec (SP06), JB's Next Gen Spec (8H100) 12 Pack, DNC Eagle Safety Spec (SP12), DNC Dragonfly Safety Spec (SP31), DNC Lady Hawk Safety Spec (SP09), DNC Solar Safety Spec (SP03), DNC Transformer Safety Spec (SP32), JB's Prosseal Spec (8H365) 12 Pack, JB's Surf Spec (8H300) 12 Pack, Jb's Visitor/Over Spec(12 Pack) (8H050), DNC Falcon Safety Spec (SP11), DNC Hawk Safety Spec (SP08), DNC Hurricane Safety Spec (SP04), DNC Shark Safety Spec (SP05), DNC Universe Safety Spec (SP07), DNC Visitor Safety Spec (SP01), DNC Vulture Safety Spec (SP02), JB's Arnie Spec (8H350) 12 Pack, JB's Polarised Spec (8H060) 12 Pack and much more.

Purchase quality Eyewear from Uniform Wholesalers at the best wholesale prices in the industry. Visit our online store now.

Brand Focus - Syzmik Workwear

By Deepa Sabnani
on February 01, 2019

The hallmark of each Australian tradie is that they would work hard at all times, putting their greatest efforts into completing the job. For these hardworking tradies, the best companion would be work clothing that is too hard working, not just hard working, but showing the same work ethic like the tradie. And is there any type of workwear that would fulfil this criterion?

Well, there is a brand in Australia that is famous for brings out these types of workwear, workwear which works as hard as the tradie wearing it. The brand mentioned here is none other than Syzmik Workwear. Syzmik Workwear is a brand that is just over 2 years old in the Australian workwear industry, but it has become a name to be reckoned with.

The huge and instant successes behind Syzmik Workwear was that it, as soon as it arrived, started to provide people with what they needed the most. Being a part of the global fashion house, Fashion Biz, and a sibling of Australia’s most favourite Biz Corporates and Biz Collection brands, Syzmik Workwear knew the trends and the pulse of the Australian work industry, and what the tradies wished for the most.

Syzmik has been a brand that has been providing Aussies with high quality, and comfortable and durable workwear and safety wear. This has made the people trust in the brand a lot and believe that it would keep them safe warm and dry at all times, especially when they try hard to make a living. This quality has undoubtedly reformed the workwear industry and the huge success of Syzmik, within no time, has made other brands to manufacture products that stay on par, so as to not fall into oblivion.

While production, each product of Syzmik Workwear is strictly tested, continuously for its safety compliance, durability and comfort it provides. Through the use of innovative fabric technologies that fabrics that undergo stringent testing, Syzmik Workwear makes sure that their products are the most reliable, as the tradie’s safety and health depends on the workwear.

To meet the needs of hardworking tradies in the various workplace across Australia, Syzmik Workwear brings out products that comply with all industry safety standards. Their High Visibility Safety clothing is compliant to AS/NZS standards such as 1906.4:2010, 4602.1:2011 and 4399. To make the tradies feel comfortable, Syzmik Workwear has designed workwear that reduces heat stress, which is one of the major problems affecting productivity at work. Their work pants have 140% more breathability than traditional work pants and 77% more tearing strength. Their work shirts have 120% more breathability and 190% more tearing strength than traditional work shirts. The Rugged range of workwear they manufacture is made from “100% cotton that is produced in a square weave construction”, which is a “more open weave that allows the maximum amount of air to pass through the fabric.” Also, have a range of products that contain multi-functional pockets, this workwear can be your perfect companion to getting the job done fast and with minimum fuss. Pants that come with knee patches and reinforced hem helps to ensure the durability of the product and its resistance to normal wear and tear.

Whatever the need and whatever the work, products from Syzmik Workwear has been the most popular and the most preferred ones among the Aussies. To cater to the increasing needs of Syzmik Workwear products, Uniform Wholesalers, the best online shopping destination for high-quality uniforms, workwear, safety wear and other clothing, lists a great collection of products from Syzmik Workwear. What makes Uniform Wholesalers the best online shopping destination is that we provide the best products at the best wholesale prices in the industry.

At Uniform Wholesalers, the categories of products that we provide from Syzmik Workwear are Adult Polos, Hi Vis Coverall, Hi Vis Fleece, Hi Vis Jackets, Hi Vis Overall, Hi Vis Polos, Hi Vis Pants, Hi Vis Singlets, Hi Vis Vests, Hi Vis Tees, Ladies Hi Vis Shirts, Ladies Hi Vis Polos, Ladies Shirts, Ladies Shorts, Ladies Work Shirts, Overalls, Work Denims, Work Jackets, Work Pants, Work Shorts and Work Shirts. Well, with us, you can choose from a wide range of products that are the best in quality, durability and comfort, and wholesale pricing to make everything taste sweeter.

At Uniform Wholesalers, we offer high-quality Embroidery Services that helps to customise your Syzmik workwear and safety wear with the logo of your organization, or employer, or your name. Under the Embroidery Services, we offer Left Chest Embroidery, Right Chest EmbroideryBack Embroidery and Name Embroidery. Our embroidery services can be availed at the best affordable rates, and you can also save more as you order more with us. With a low setup fee for first-time users and no minimums, you can have even a single item embroidered with us, or even in bulk quantities too.

Purchase the best Symik Workwear products from Uniform Wholesalers at the best wholesale prices in Australia. Visit our online store now.

Download our Mobile App for Convenient Shopping

By Deepa Sabnani
on January 29, 2019

From when people used to stand in front of stores to buy what they need times changed to when people could buy online through their desktops. Now, this is the age of smartphones and mobile shopping is the distinctive feature of these times.

Mobile phones are becoming the popular medium of shopping of the present era. The easy availability of smartphones, high-speed data connections and free apps have led to the popularity of mobile shopping. It has the added advantage of facilitating shopping-on-the-go. No matter where you are, you can always shop when you wish to, and what more than being able to carry your online shop around with you in your pocket.

Mobile shopping has brought about a huge revolution in online shopping. It has made shopping and transactions easy and safe and people would get the same experience as if shopping via a PC on the online store. But the difference is that you can shop anywhere, anytime.

Uniform Wholesalers Australia’s best online store that provides a wide range of clothing products from 40+ internationally reputed brands has come up with a means to help you shop with convenience and seamlessly. Yeah, we have developed and launched a mobile app in Google Play Store for providing you with a better shopping experience.

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Bocini Aprons at Uniform Wholesalers

By Harish Sabnani
on January 25, 2019

Aprons are garments that are worn over other clothing so as to prevent staining of one’s clothing or skin. Apron mainly covers the front of the body, and it can serve multiple purposes. It is a functional accessory that can also be used as a decorative garment, for hygienic reasons and protection from excessive heat.

Aprons are quality garments that provide great comfort, protection and a sense of preparedness. It has always been the go-to garment for people who work, clean, entertain and create. Aprons thereby have become a functional accessory for chefs and it is also used inside the house, as it is used outside.

Aprons can be of different types, but the main ones are waist aprons and bib aprons. Waist aprons cover only the body from the waist down, while bib aprons would cover the upper body too. Aprons have been in use for centuries, and it still is regarded as an important garment. With many people starting to do their own chores, like cooking, cleaning and other things like gardening, Aprons are being used extensively.

Bocini is a brand in Australia that manufactures quality products that excel in every arena that they cater to. They are so passionate about quality and creating products in the best innovative designs so as to provide the Aussies with the best, and it has made themselves to be a unique brand in the industry. Bocini is always engaged in introducing new styles and ranges that are better even their previous ones.

Bocini brand caters to the needs of all, as it has classic corporate garments for the grownups and new styles and cuts popular with the younger generation. Each of the garment they manufacture uses the best garments and are designed to provide the best comfort and protection to its wearers. Bocini is the one brand where one can witness the traditional merging with the contemporary to give rise to innovative and excellent fabrics.

Committed to providing the highest quality for their customers, Bocini has a great collection of products, among which we can find aprons too. Quality aprons from Bocini are available for purchase from Uniform Wholesalers, the most trusted online store in Australia. Uniform Wholesalers is all about providing the best quality uniform, workwear, casual wear products at the best wholesale prices in the industry.

At Uniform Wholesalers, we have a good collection of Bocini Aprons that you can purchase at the best rates in the industry. The products that you can purchase in this category are Bocini 3 Quarter Apron No Pocket-(WA0654), Bocini Continental Apron With Pocket-(WA0393), Bocini Continental Apron No Pocket-(WA0395), Bocini Continental Apron No Pocket-(WA0601), Bocini Continental Apron With Pocket-(WA0624), Bocini Cotton Drill Full BiB Apron With Pocket-(WA0396), Bocini Cotton Drill Full Big Apron No Pocket-(WA0397), Bocini Cotton Drill Popover Apron With Pocket-(WA0398), Bocini Polyester Drill Popover Apron With Pocket-(WA0676), Bocini Polyester Drill Full Bib Apron With Pocket-(WA0677), Bocini Polyester Drill Full BIB Apron -No Pocket-(WA0644), Bocini 3 Quarter Apron No Pocket-(WA0392), Bocini 3 Quarter Apron With Pocket-(WA0391), Bocini 3 Quarter Apron With Pocket-(WA0630), Bocini Cotton Drill Half Apron With Pocket-(WA0619), Bocini Cotton Drill Half Apron No Pocket-(WA0671), Bocini Cotton Drill Quarter Apron No Pocket-(WA0387), Bocini Cotton Drill Quarter Apron With Pocket-(WA0388), Bocini Polyester Drill Quarter Apron No Pocket-(WA0620), Bocini Polyester Drill Quarter Apron With Pocket-(WA0672), Bocini Polyster Drill Half Apron No Pocket-(WA0678) and the Bocini Polyster Drill Half Apron With Pocket-(WA0604).

Aprons in modern styling can have designs or corporate logos added on them through the customization process. At Uniform Wholesalers, you can avail high quality and cost-effective branding solutions in the form of Embroidery Services. In our embroidery services, you can avail Left or Right Chest Embroidery, Back Embroidery and Name Embroidery.

Purchase the best quality Bocini Aprons from Uniform Wholesalers at the best prices in the industry. Visit our online store now.

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