Work Well with Work Overall from Prime Mover

Prime quality cannot be found anywhere else, but in those that entirely focuses on providing them. Well, then if you have heard of Prime Mover, then you would be sure where to look for the best quality. Yeah, this is a brand synonymous with tough, reliable and high-quality work wear.

Prime Mover brand has been in service since 2003. For over a decade, this brand has been focussing on quality and safety. This has helped the brand to be much popular across Australia and one of the fastest growing workwear brand in the region. This is not your ordinary everyday brand, but one that is all geared up to provide its customers with the best work experience.

Through the use of the best materials, both traditional and new, innovative designs and construction techniques, Prime Mover has moulded an unsurpassed range which is perfect to meet the demands of the modern workwear industry. This desire and passion show the aim of the brand, which is none other than to be the best workwear and safety wear company in Australia.

Prime Mover brand has everything that helps you tackle any work condition. No matter whether you are working in the construction industry, or manufacturing, mining or anything else, you can find the best workwear solution from this brand. From in the Prime Mover Coveralls (MW915) you would find such a product.

As you all know, coveralls are garments designed to keep the tradie safe. Coveralls are a one-piece garment that protects all the body parts, except the feet, palms and face. Being a one-piece garment ensures that there would be no unnecessary space for the hazardous elements to seep through and affect our skin. Quality overalls would provide all the necessary protection for a tradie to say safe and unaffected, as they would comply with all the industry standards.

The Prime Mover Coveralls (MW915) is one of the best quality coveralls that is built to provide safety and comfort at the same time. This coverall is made of 100% Cotton drill fabric. The fabric is of regular weight and has been preshrunk to minimize shrinkage with use. The fabric has a weight of 310gsm.

This coverall has a functional pocket design with deep hip pockets. These pockets can help you carry the things that you need without any trouble. The 2 large back pockets and the right chest pocket with flap and metal button closure can perform this function with ease. The left chest pocket comes with pen division layered pockets so that all your needs are answered. All together these 7 pockets provide you with ample storage

This coverall is built for durability and comfort, as you are already aware of. The product sports reinforced stress points for making it highly durable and providing the wearer with comfort. The concealed durable metal stud closure can ensure that the front of the coverall stays closed, providing you with the best protection.

This coverall is best to be worn outdoors as it provides the best sun protection and has a UPF rating of 50+. This helps the fabric to block 98% of UV rays. Wishing to purchase this product? Well, if so, visit Uniform Wholesalers.

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The Prime Mover Coveralls (MW915) is available in Navy colour and in sizes that range from 77R-112R, 87ST-137ST and 79L-94L. You can purchase this product for $59.00.

Purchase the best quality coverall from Prime Mover at the best price in the industry. Visit our online store now.

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