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In the dynamic realm of fashion, striking the ideal equilibrium between comfort and style can have a transformative effect. The cool stretched relaxed pants line from the UNIFORM WHOLESALERS store is a perfect example of how comfort and style can coexist. When it comes to ease and style these pants are a must. 

The extraordinary degree of comfort these pants provide is among their most remarkable qualities. Made from an exclusive combination of light and stretchable materials, these pants offer unmatched comfort. Both casual and active lives can benefit from them as you can wear them for extended periods of time without feeling constrained.

The UNIFORM WHOLESALERS store's stylish stretched relaxed pants are made to up your style ante. They accommodate diverse fashion tastes with their varied styles and easy fit. These pants are quite versatile and go well with many outfits. These pants effortlessly move from morning to night and give you an opportunity to display your unique sense of style.

Practical features like large pockets, adjustable waistbands, and fashionable designs are included in these pants. What separates these pants is their capacity to offer timeless elegance. You can walk without hesitation into your day, whether it's a bustling business day, a shopping binge, or an easygoing informal breakfast, realizing you look set up and agreeable.

UNIFORM WHOLESALERS store's pants for women reclassify the manner in which we see design. The definitive comfort they give, alongside their flexible style, guarantees that you can be your best self without settling for less. experience the zenith of comfort and style from the UNIFORM WHOLESALERS store.

Biz Corporates Women’s Comfort Wool Stretch Relaxed Pant (14011)




Features of the product are:

  • 55% Polyester, 43% Wool, 2% Elastane
  • Mid-rise pant
  • Comfortable fit and suits most body shapes
  • The waistband sits comfortably just below the navel
  • Pockets are horizontal on the front with one pocket on the rear
  • The finished leg sits over the shoe

Lots of colours and sizes are available to choose from. Click here to add this product to your shopping bag.

Biz Corporates Women Cool Stretch Adjustable Waist Pant (10115)




Features of the product are:

  • Cool Stretch Plain Suiting
  • 92% Polyester, 8% Bamboo Charcoal
  • The waist has a hidden elastic band through the side 
  • It is ideal for HEALTH CARE WORKERS
  •  It comes with very deep side pockets and has a size range 
  • The finished leg sits over the shoe

Lots of colours and sizes are available to choose from. Click here to add this product to your shopping bag.


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