Hi-vis clothing is one of the safest gear of your personal protective equipment (PPE) clothing. It’s regarded as one of the most effective because many accidents are caused by someone not being conspicuous enough to avoid it at the last moment.

Listed are some of the main reasons why hi-vis clothing is so important during work

It’s the law and we follow the rules

As per law, every construction site must, by law, have a high-vis policy and it’s the employer or business owner who must pay for hi-vis clothing, as well as any other PPE. Did you know, it’s also illegal to refuse to wear it.

Not required just for construction sites

Other jobs and roles would need hi-vis clothing as well. Traffic regulators or construction employees need it because they’re working in a fast-moving, potentially hazardous environment and the sooner drivers can see that there’s a person in their field of view, the more time they have to avoid them.

Being inconspicuous can put you in a danger

Understand the main reasons why cyclists and motorcyclists are involved in fatal accidents so often is because their leathers or cycling gear makes them blend in with some backgrounds. Nowadays, more and more bikers are wearing hi-vis tabards so hopefully, we’ll see these accidents becoming less and less frequent. If you cycle or ride a motorbike to work then you must be visible to others for your own safety.

Hi-vis clothing does works

Bright colours like yellows, lime greens and we tend to pick out anything with these colours significantly earlier than we do anything else.

While motorcyclists opt to wear thin vests over their leather jackets, many workers can have access to hi-vis shirts, sweatshirts, trousers and even fleeces. This means there is potentially no need to worry about being cold if you’re working at night or somewhere dark or misty when visibility is less.

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