Stylish Ladies Shorts at Uniform Wholesalers

There were times when wearing shorts were attributed to young boys and kids. It was not considered as a garment for grown ups, and especially ladies. But now, the changing conditions have ‘forced’ many to adopt wearing shorts.

Shorts are garments that have been around for long, and the changing climatic conditions are the reason behind people opting for shorts nowadays. Shorts are commonly used in warm weather conditions or in an environment where comfort and airflow is deemed more important than the protection of the legs.

Though short, shorts are one of the most functional of garments and they also possess great quality and strength. Another great feature of shorts is its versatility. They can be used easily as a casual wear or as a workwear. Shorts designed exclusively for work will show great toughness and strength, as it is designed to cater to the needs of manual labour.

As mentioned earlier, women were the one class of people that weren’t much in favour of wearing shorts. But  today, it has become one of the most sought after garments by the ladies. As shorts provided the best styling to the ladies, these garments of clothing was much used by the ladies.

With many women now entering the industrial work areas, there has been an increased need for high quality work shorts for women. To cater to this need, many brands in Australia have come to the forefront of designing the best shorts for women. The work shorts also complied with all industrial safety standards so as to provide the best protection.

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From Uniform Wholesalers you can purchase the best quality products available in the industry. The Ladies Shorts that you can purchase from us come from some of the best loved brands in Australia such as Bisley Workwear, Biz Collection, Biz Corporates, Bocini, DNC Workwear, Grace Collection, Hard Yakka, JB’s Wear, KingGee, Ramo, Syzmik, Winning Spirit, James Harvest and AS Colour.

The products that you can purchase from us are JB's Podium Ladies Skort (7LPS), Biz Collection Ladies Detroit Short (BS10322), Biz Collection Ladies Classic Short (BS129LS), JB's Girls Podium Skort (7LPS3), Biz Collection Ladies Bizcool Shorts (L29122), Bisley Womens - Drill Light Weight Utility Short (BSHL1999), Grace Collection Women's Aurora Shorts, JB's Podium Ladies Short (7NPS1), Gear For Life Womens Active Shorts (WAS), Biz Collection Ladies Tactic Shorts (ST512L), Biz Corporate A11519 Advatex Ladies Adjustable Waist Short, Quoz Step Ladies Shorts (ST-W04), Winning Spirit Women's Chino Shorts-(M9461), Syzmik Womens Utility Short (ZWL011), Hard Yakka Women's Poly/viscose Permanent Press Short With Adjustable Waistband (Y08888), Bocini Ladies Sports Shorts-(CK1408), Bocini Ladies Gym Shorts-(CK1201), Quoz Sprint Ladies Shorts (ST-W03), Ramo Ladies Shorts (S707LD), Hard Yakka Legends - WMS Legends Short (Y08106), Hard Yakka Women's Generation Y Cotton Drill Cargo Short (Y08851), Bocini Ladies Athletic Shorts-(CK923), NNT Elastic Waist Short (CAT3NX), AS Colour Jersey Shorts - 4038 and many more.

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