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Brands bring out essential gears that helps make our life easier and more comfortable. Often the names of the brand may no match what the brand is all about. But not Gear for Life. This brand name clearly shouts out loud what the brand is all about.

Gear for Life is a brand that has been engaged in providing a great collection of products from 2000. With almost 2 decades of experience under its belt, the brand has a first hand knowledge of what the Aussies look for in an apparel brand and provide them with exactly that. This is why Gear for Life has become one of the most sought after brands in Australia.

What distinguishes Gear for Life brand from the other brands is that it has a great range of lifestyle products that are designed for the corporate and active lifestyle. With each product made from innovative fabrics designed to provide comfort and cut in styles that ensure the best fit you can have an experience like none other with Gear for Life.

Each product from Gear for Life is remarkable in quality and unbeatable in value. With comprehensive product solutions that can cater to each needs of the Aussies this brand stands miles ahead from its competitors. Whether you need a high performance active wear, or a functional wear, or a stylish and trendy corporate wear, be sure to find them all with Gear for Life.

Gear For Life offers a vast range of products to its customers and these products come from some ranges they are so proud about. Let us have a look at them:

  • Dri Gear - The Dri Gear range is famous for its performance based fabrics and innovative designs. Coming with a molecular engineered wicking fabric technology, the fabrics in this range promotes moisture transfer away from the body. With a great collection of lightweight, comfortable quick drying garment, the Dri Gear range lets you stay cool and comfortable at all times.
  • The Standard - The Standard range is creatively crafted to raise your standards in the highly competitive marketplace. The superior quality products from this range is designed for a peerless corporate performance. With an awesome collection of woven shirts you with innovative designs, the highest quality fabric and sophisticated fashions, be sure for your style to be accentuated manifold.
  • Eco Gear - With the world’s climate undergoing drastic changes, Gear for Life has brought out the Eco Gear range that is designed for the world’s changing conditions and climates. The products from this range possess excellent moisture wicking properties that can keep you comfortable and cool. This range also have durable designs that offers flexibility of usage and the style is versatile, natural and timeless.
  • Agri Station - The Ari Station range consists of products created specifically for outdoor purposes. This range is designed to provide optimum protection outdoors, from the natural elements, and offer durability, longevity and reliability. With a good collection of rugged products you have all the needs and demands of the agricultural and commercial markets met.

Gear for Life is indeed a great brand with an awesome range of products that caters to a variety of your needs. From this brand, you can find products like vests, polo shirts, tees, singlets, fleeces, pullovers, jackets, wool workwear, bags and lifestyle accessories. So, from where can you purchase products from this brand to have a taste of its quality?

To purchase the best clothing in Australia, you have only one place - Uniform Wholesalers. Uniform Wholesalers is one of Australia’s best loved online store that provides the best quality clothing for Aussies. With us you can find a great collection of products that come from some of the most famous brand names in Australia, including Gear for Life. but what make our online store extra special is that we provide great quality products at the best wholesale rates in the industry.

At Uniform Wholesalers, you can find a great collection of products from Gear for Life brand. These product come under categories such as Adult Fleecy, Adult Hoodies, Adult Jackets, Adult Polos, Adult Shirts, Adult Shorts, Adult Singlets, Adult Tees, Adult Track Pants, Adult Track Top, Adult Vests, Beanies, Gents Jackets, Gents Knitwear, Gents Shirts, Kids Hoodies, Ladies Fleecy, Ladies Jackets, Ladies Knitwear, Ladies Singlets, Ladies Shirts, Ladies Shorts, Ladies Tees, Ladies Vests.

The products that you can purchase from these categories are Gear For Life Dri Gear Spliced Zenith Unisex Polo, Gear For Life Basecamp Anorak Jacket (AN), Gear For Life Dri Gear Mens Matrix Polo (DGMP), Gear For Life Dri Gear Mens Hype Polo (DGHP), Gear For Life The Protocol Shirt – Mens (TPL), Gear For Life Dri Gear Womens Matrix Polo (WDGMP), Gear For Life Unisex Spliced Zenith Jacket, Gear For Life Dri Gear Insert Polo (DGIP), Gear For Life Dri Gear Piped Ottoman Instinct Polo, Gear For Life Womens Retro Waffle Polo, Gear For Life The Grange Shirt – Womens (WTG), Gear For Life Legacy Vest – Mens (LV), Gear For Life Womens Active Shorts (WAS), Gear For Life The Limited Teflon Shirt – Mens (TL), Gear For Life Unisex Dri Gear Zone Tee, Gear For Life Dri Gear Womens Vanquish Polo (WDGVQP), Gear For Life Dri Gear Womens Hype Polo (WDGHP), Gear For Life Dri Gear Long Sleeve Hype Polo (DGLHP), Gear For Life Mens Eclipse Polo (EP), Gear For Life Mens Jacquard Ottoman Balmoral Polo (JO), Gear For Life Womens Jacquard Ottoman Balmoral Polo (WJO) and much more.

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