Raincoats have long been associated with the rains. It’s in the rainy season that one gets to wear pretty and colourful rainwear and flaunt these styles the most.

Rainwear - the most preferred outerwear which is basically a raincoat that protects the wearer from the cold and rainy seasons that prevents penetration of moisture to whatever is being worn underneath. Unlike most coats and jackets which are usually appropriate for a particular occasion rainwear manufacturers have to respond to the functional needs of the wearer. Fashion is often a secondary consideration when it comes to rainwear.


The following are the features of having a good rainwear one should think of when buying.

  • Taffeta Inner Lining

Taffeta is a light fabric woven from polyester fibres. It is a super-soft MVP of rainwear linings. Many of the rainwear pieces, like the lightweight rainwear jacket, use taffeta because it is the ideal combination of comfortable warmth and breathability. Its light in weight factor makes the wearer even more comfortable.

  • Synthetic Insulation

When it is raining or snowing, synthetic insulation is the way to go for your outerwear. In wet weather conditions, synthetic insulation is made of fibres that absorb less water and dry quicker.

  • Polyester Outer shells

Polyester is the gold standard for water-resistant outer shell fabric, and it is easy to see. It is one of the most naturally water-resistant materials around, most moisture will roll right off its thick fibre weave. Polyester also has some other qualities that make it perfect for outdoor wear, especially its resistance to chemicals, mildew and lots of other common hazards. The process also makes polyester resistant to rips and tears, so the polyester outer shells on clothes like our extreme Soft-shell jacket are exactly the kind of rugged protection serious workers need.

  • Storm Flaps

If the rain is heavy enough, it can pound through the nooks and crannies in your jacket. Material that fasten over the zipper or pockets on your jacket protect you from rain. If you know rough weather is on the forecast, you should have a storm flaps jacket.

  • HiVis Reflective Tape and Piping

A rainy day doesn’t just make it harder to work, it makes it harder to stay visible in dangerous conditions. That’s why high-visibility or HiVis clothing is so important in so many industries. In industries, like road construction it is even required by OSHA rules.


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