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Tracing back the history of Polo, we can find that it was designed as an activewear, and originally as a tennis shirt. The original purpose of the shirt was to provide the best level of comfort and facilitate ease of play for those tennis players, who till then struggled to be at their best.

The earlier clothing used while engaged in tennis matches were “tennis whites” that consisted of long-sleeved white button-up shirts. The players played with their sleeves rolled up and in between the matches, the sleeve would often roll down, and it would pose problems for the player's comfort level and play.

With the then attire causing many problems, one player thought of a way to get rid of it, and from that thought was born the polo shirt, which is also called as a tennis shirt and golf shirt. Rene Lacoste was the player who designed the polo shirt and wore it first in a tennis match. The shirt he designed was a white, short-sleeved garment, made from loosely-knit pique cotton, with an unstarched, flat, protruding collar, a buttoned placket, and a shirt-tail longer in the back than in front.

This garment was successful in reducing the problems the then attire provided each player with. The short, cuffed sleeves instantly solved the problem of discomfort that a player had when the long sleeves to rolled down. The collar could be loosened by the placket and by being soft, they didn't provide much discomfort to the wearer. It could also be worn upturned so as to protect the player's neck from the sun. The fabric used in polos shirts was more durable, which helped it to easily cope with the strains of the match, and it was also breathable, which helped keep the wearer cool and comfortable. The long shirt-tail prevented the shirt from pulling out of the wearer's trousers or shorts, which added to the comfort level.

A polo shirt is distinguished from other garments, by its unique styling, which is a shirt with a collar, a placket with typically two or three buttons, and an optional pocket, and they are usually made of knitted cloth), usually piqué cotton and interlock cotton, silk, merino wool, or synthetic fibers are also used. They are also used extensively as an active wear and casual wear for a distinctive styling. It is also a garment that is used for all categories of people, mean, women and kids alike.

For kids, who are all the more eager to participate in sports and games, polos are the best garment they can be provided with. Designed for performance, they can easily cater to the many needs of the kids, like running and playing. By being durable, they can withstand force to a certain level and so even if while games, there are light tugs and all, they would resist it easily. Whatever tasks they are engaged in, polos can help in keeping them safe, cool and comfortable. And what else can provide them with a stylish look while going out for casual needs?

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At Uniform Wholesalers, we provide quality Embroidery Services that help in decorating your kid's polos with the design of any types. Under Embroidery Services, we provide Left or Right Chest Embroidery, Back Embroidery and Name Embroidery. These services come at the best affordable prices that also helps you to save more as you order more.

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