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No other organ in our body will be as sensitive as the eye. How uncomfortable and irritated would we be when dust particles or other things get into our eyes? Or when we are standing near a fire, our eyes too would burn due to the heat, making us uncomfortable.

The above are cases that could occur in our everyday life. If this is normally the case, let’s consider how hard would it be for those tradies who work in places where there is a risk of dust, dry particles or any other such things? Well, the thought of it makes us involuntarily shudder, doesn’t it? The need for taking good protection of the eyes is something that we have been taught from our younger days.

It was usual to hear our parents telling us not to look directly at the sun, during our younger days, and to use a sunglass if they need to. If adequate protection is not provided to the eyes, while engaged in activities that pose a risk to the health of our eye, can often lead to many eye problems, and even to blindness.

Thus it is highly important that when the tradie is engaged in work in an environment that can possibly do some serious damage to his eyes, that he protect his eyes. And how can he do it without restricting his range of vision? Well, it is for this purpose that there is a wide range of eyewear available around us today.

Eyewear is a category of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). PPE is a term used for a wide variety of equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from injury and infection. PPE can include safety clothing, helmets, goggles, or other equipment.

The function for which eyewear is designed is to keep the eyes safe from damage or any other problem. Each eyewear would differ in size or shape, according to the tasks they are bound to perform, but still, they all have a uniform purpose. Eyewear is commonly used by people during swimming, cycling, welding, sungazing and performing other such things.

There is no second opinion to the fact that eyewear is so important in a workplace, as injuries to the eye, from workplaces, is always on the rise. At workplaces, eyes can be affected by metal pieces, wood chips, sand, small particles in smoke or such other things. So, as to protect the eyes, eyewear like safety glasses can be used, which provides protection from external debris, and also provides protection from the sides as well, with their side shield or wrap-around design.

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