Personal protective equipment has very much become an important and emotive subject during the current coronavirus (COVID -19) epidemic.

We all know that, COVID - 19 is predominantly caused by contact or droplet transmission attributed to relatively large respiratory particles which are subject to gravitational forces and travel only approximately one metre from the patient. Also, one must know, airborne transmission may occur if the patient’s respiratory activity or medical procedures generate respiratory aerosols. Now, these aerosols contain particles that may travel much longer distances and remain airborne longer than one imagines or thinks, but their infective potential is uncertain.

PPE clothing/equipment helps ensure that individuals are safe from physical hazards that they may encounter in their work environments. PPE clothing may be used to protect workers from general environmental threats in the form of extreme temperatures and noise, or specific work-related threats (e.g., falling objects, falls from heights), or maybe even threats faced in emergency situations like hazardous chemical and infectious agents that are being worked upon/with.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) clothing is a current hot topic – that is probably the most talked about and emotive subjects for frontline healthcare warriors that are working with patients with the COVID-19 disease.

Appropriate levels of PPE Standard infection control procedures must be followed for the PPE clothing one chooses, and we guarantee that these rules are in place when you choose PPE kits from Uniform Wholesalers. Those described here at our platform, are specific to reducing the risk of viral transmission to a healthcare worker. The PPE kits used in each of the settings must be appropriate to the mode of infection.

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