Ladies Dresses to buy now at Uniform Wholesalers

Ladies Dresses to buy now at Uniform Wholesalers

A dress, also popularly known as a frock or a gown, is a garment that consists of a skirt with an attached bodice. It has been many centuries since dresses have been begun to be used as a popular clothing item.

In the earlier days, the term ‘dress’ was used to refer to the “general overall mode of attire for either men or women”. But now, in many cultures, it is most commonly worn by ladies and girls. 

The popularity behind dresses is owed to the fact that they are versatile and functional, and this is one great advantage they have over the other garments.

Dresses can be used for any purpose, and worn for any occasion, and would accentuate the style of a woman. Dresses are designed and manufactured in such a way that they can function both as formal wear and as informal wear.

Be while it is used as formal corporate wear, or as party wear, or for casual purposes, dresses make a lady stand out from a crowd, and lends her a distinctive authority and personality that others would admire and respect.

The popularity of dresses among ladies, in Australia, has prompted many brands to bring out high-quality products that did lend great comfort to its wearers and showcased great functionality and durability. 

And with the need for dresses ever-increasing, Aussies began to search for the best products that they could get at the best price. But, wherever they searched, they either had to compromise either on quality or on the pricing.

As a means to bring a change in this situation, PR Ventures, a company engaged in providing the best uniform solutions, promotional and branding solutions in Australia, for 10 successful years, set up Uniform Wholesalers, an online store. 

Uniform Wholesalers is Australia’s most popular and leading online store that provides the best uniform solutions, team wear, casual wear, workwear, corporate wear and other clothing solutions at the best wholesale prices in Australia.

At Uniform Wholesalers, we have a good collection of Ladies Dresses from some of the major clothing brands in Australia. The brands that we provide at Uniform Wholesalers, under this category are AS Colour, Biz Collection, Biz Corporates and Bracks.

From AS Colour brand, you can purchase the AS Colour Mika Long Sleeve Dress

From Biz Collection, you can purchase the Biz Collection BS730L Audrey Ladies Dress

while from Bracks you can purchase the Bracks Womens Black Plain Twill Suit Separates Ezifit Skirt (SKTEZW124) and many more.

From Biz Corporates, you can purchase a good collection of products that also includes Biz Corporate 30121 Ladies Sleeveless V Neck Dress, Biz Corporates Ladies Open Neck Dress(30620), Biz Corporates Ladies Short Sleeve Shift Dress(34012), Biz Corporates Sleeveless Side Zip Dress(34011), among many others.

An exciting ‘Buy More, Save More’ offer now adorns the walls of Uniform Wholesalers, which is devised to make your purchases more interesting and budget-saving. 

While you purchase more than 10 items, you can save 5% off your order amount. For 25+ and 50+ items in your order, you can save 7.5% and 10% respectively. 

But if you are purchasing more than 100 items, or even more than 200 items, you can save a whopping discount of 12.5% and 15% on your order amount.

At Uniform Wholesalers, we offer high-quality branding solutions through our Embroidery Services. With our Embroidery services, you can decorate your Jackets with your logo or design. In our Embroidery Services, we offer Left or Right Chest Embroidery, Back Embroidery and Name Embroidery

At affordable rates, low minimums and a low setup fee for first-time customers, we provide the best embroidery services in the industry.

With Afterpay services, you can now make easy purchases at Uniform Wholesalers without needing to worry about your credit balance or bank account balance at the time of purchase. 

With this service, you can buy any product you wish to, without having to spend anything at the time of purchase. When you opt for Afterpay service at the checkout page of our site, your order amount will be paid by the service and you can repay them back in 4 equal fortnightly payments, free of interest.

Grab the best Ladies Dresses at the best wholesale prices, from Uniform Wholesalers, Australia’s most popular and leading online store. Visit our online store now.

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