Belts - a flexible band or strap, typically made of leather or heavy cloth and worn around the waist, that is usually of less circumference than the hips underneath.

Belts are used to secure or hold up clothing

Initially worn to hold your pants up, belts have slowly climbed the fashion ladder and now are statement accessories.  Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and more, you can find a wide range of belts online today.

Belts help frame a fashion statement. Apart from their fashion presence, they are obviously a source of practicality. Ladies generally choose to wear it for better fit. Belts help you look slimmer, gives you a better shape.

Opting for the right belt can go a long way in defining the person you are and helping you to carry the attitude you are in love with.

How can one choose from the different designs and patterns of belts? 

There are various types of belts which come in different shapes, sizes, materials used and color combinations.

  • Classic leather belts

Made out of finely made leather materials. Planning for an outing with friends and colleagues, go for a dressy belt to suit your needs.

A dressy belt is a leather belt, generally made with one color. Choose to wear with any dress of your choice. So, if you need one belt to cater to multiple occasions, go for a classic leather belt.

  • Casual belts

If you want to wear belts with a pair of slacks or jeans and flaunt a casual look, go for a casual belt that comes in various colors and fresh designs.

  • Beaded Belts

A burst of combination of colors. They come in beads of vivid colors. They look very feminine and adorn your waistline beautifully.

  • Buckle belts

If you are in love with buckles, go for a buckle belt. You find them in plain as well as in flamboyant varieties. Move away from the regular ones, there is an array of choice for buckles.

  • Reversible belts

When you want a belt that can be worn with a variety of outfits, try to invest in a reversible belt. These belts are available in various styles and often come in different solid colors.

  • Chain belts

If you want to invest in a belt to accessorize your outfits, go for chain belts. Sashes function as add-ons when you do not really need a belt but want to enhance the dimensions or add color to your dress. They often look like necklace chains and can have a series of similar or dissimilar shapes joined in a sequence.


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