KingGee Work Pants at Uniform Wholesalers

It is hard not to fall in love with a product from KingGee brand. This is a brand that has built its reputation as a manufacturer and provider of high-quality products that suits a wide variety of needs, including work, safety needs, casual purpose and more.

This prominent brand that began its services almost 9 decades ago and is all about manufacturing the best quality apparels that excelled in every arena. From KingGee, all you can find are the toughest of products that help you to perform at your very best, no matter the conditions. In short, this can be called as the toughest brand in Australia.

KingGee is a brand that tries to constantly evolve, with each change occurring in the work environment. The passion and expertise that KingGee brand has is second to none. This passion has helped them to bring out a whole range of premium apparels that provide comfort, durability and functionality.

An awesome collection of quality ranges of products is what sets KingGee brand apart from the other brands. These ranges have a whole range of products that are designed and developed with much pride and care. It is these ranges that helps KingGee to “lead the industrial workwear industry and push the boundaries of garment development to new levels”.

Workwear is one category of products that are the most sought after in the industrial sector. Workwear is clothes designed to be worn for work, especially those works that involves hard manual labour. These clothes are designed to provide safety and protection to the wearers, which is why tradies opt to be dressed in them while at work.

The category of workwear includes a wide range of products and one among them are work pants. Work pants should be garments that showcases the best durability and flexibility. Most importantly, these garments must never limit or hinder the range of movement of the tradie or tear or rip off while he is engaged in hard work. With pants being products that are at an increased risk to abrasions, wear and tear, and so on, the fabrics, stitching used should of the greatest quality.

KingGee is famous for its work pants that comes with many innovative and features of protection like knee pads or pleats to deliver exceptional knee protection, tough ripstop fabric crafted exclusively designed for industrial purposes, so as to prevent tearing and abrasions, triple stitched seams that are durable, cooling eyelets to induce more airflow, multifunctional pockets that can carry anything for you and so on. These all could be the reasons behind mates going after this brand.

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KingGee Work Pants are some of the most sought after products at Uniform Wholesalers. The products that you can purchase from us include KingGee Workcool 2 Pants (K13820), King Gee Workcool Drill Pant (K13800), King Gee Narrow Tradie Pant (K13280), King Gee Tradies Utility Cargo Pant (K69860), King Gee Steel Tuff Drill Trouser - 100% Cotton Drill-310gsm (K03010), King Gee Worn Gs Tradies - Worn G's Pant - 100% Cotton Drill (K13200), Kinggee Tradies Hem Pants (K69865), King Gee New G's Worker's Pant- 100% Cotton Technotex Drill-310gsm (K13100), King Gee Workcool - Workcool 2 Women's Pants - Cotton Ripstop;weight 235gsm (K43820), King Gee Basic Drill Cargo Pant 280GSM (K03035), Kinggee Basic Drill Cargo Pant With Tape 280gsm (K53015), King Gee Basic Drill Pant 280GSM (K03015), King Gee Mens Traditional Chinos Pant (K13350).

Purchase the best collection of KingGee Work Pants at the best prices from Uniform Wholesalers at the best prices in the industry.
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