Kids Singlets at Uniform Wholesalers

Singlets are garments that are known in a variety of name all around the world, and is also one of the most used of garments. Singlets are sleeveless garments, usually with large neck holes and armholes, and are worn by all genders of people.

Singlets, also known as A-shirts, tank top and many other names, were originally used as undershirts and is still used in that purpose in many regions. But in places where the weather is warm, it has been accepted as public casual dress. Singlets are also widely used by athletes in sports such as track and field, and its wide use can be seen in basketball games.

The build of a singlet is very simple. As mentioned earlier, they would usually have large armholes and neck holes and a neckline that can reach down as far as the bottom of the chest. This build would differ according to the gender. The neckholes and armholes would be reinforced for durability. As this is mainly used as an active wear, it is designed to withstand stress and pressure to a certain amount.

Singlets can be a good garments for those highly active kids who would always be on the lookout for mischief and would be running around. With kids also actively partaking in games like basketball, they need to have quality singlets that can help them play and perform well. So, where can you purchase quality singlets for those hyperactive kids?

Uniform Wholesalers, Australia’s leading online store for purchase of high quality uniform clothing, corporate and business wear, teamwear and many more clothing has a great collection of quality products that includes Kids Singlets. What makes Uniform Wholesalers the best place for quality purchase is that we list some of the best products from Australia’s best brands and provide them at wholesale prices.

The Kids Singlets available at Uniform Wholesalers come from some renowned brands such as Aussie Pacific, Biz Collection, Bocini, JB’s Wear, Ramo and Winning Spirit. Some of the products that you can purchase with us are Biz Collection Kids Flash Singlet (MV3111B), Ramo Kids Accelerator Cool-Dry Singlet (T308SG), Aussie Pacific Eureka Kids Singlet (3104), JB's Kids Poly Singlet (7KPO), Bocini Kids Stitch Essentials Singlet-(CT0928), JB's Kids Podium Basketball Singlet (7KBS2), Aussie Pacific Premier Kids Singlet (3101), Bocini Kid's Basketball Singlet-(CT1206), Aussie Pacific Botany Kids Singlet (3107), Winning Spirit Teammate Singlet Kids-(TS19K), Aussie Pacific Kids Tasman Singlets (3111), Winning Spirit Slamdunk Kids-(TS83K), Biz Collection Sprint Kids BizCool Singlet (SG302K), JB's Podium Kids Contrast Singlet (7KPCS) and the Winning Spirit Airpass Kids-(TS81K).

At Uniform Wholesalers, you can avail Singlet customization services in the form of Screen Print and Heat Transfer. In Screen Print, you can avail 1 Colour Print, 2 Colour Print, 3 Colour Print and 4 Colour Print. In Heat Transfer, you can avail customization services for Left Chest Logo, Left Chest Numbers, Back Logo, Back Numbers and Names.

Purchase the best Kids Singlets from Australia’s leading brands at the best wholesale prices from Uniform Wholesalers. Visit our online store now.
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