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We all know that for success, one, as a business, needs to cater to a wide range of people by providing a wide range of products and services. It is practically the safest thing to do so that even if one fails, you have the other.

So now a question arises. Is it not possible for a business catering to one sector only to be successful? Well, they also can be successful, if they walk the right way, and this is a great lesson that one brand teaches us. And the brand is John Kevin.

John Kevin, as a brand, started its operations in 1992, by wholesaling men’s business shirts into the menswear retail market. But soon, they realized that the corporate clothing market, that included the men’s and ladies business shirts, needed a touch of fashion. It was then that they started to design and manufacture a complete range of men’s and ladies shirts, innovative in style and fashioned according to the latest trends in the industry.

Now John Kevin brand is popular as a premium shirt specialist that only designs and makes business shirts. Each shirt of the John kevin range is manufactured with great care and attention to detail. The quality of stitching and finishing of the shirts are the best when it comes to ready to wear clothing, lending it the ability to provide great comfort, be functional and stay durable.

John Kevin brand can boast of a complete range of men’s and ladies shirts which can be “coordinated together or would complement other apparel in the industry.” The men’s range of shirts is designed in classical styling that is mixed with the contemporary fashion. In this range, you can have all the unique features like stretch slim fits and semi-fitted styles, structured collars, and adjustable cuffs. The ladies range consists of stylish stretch slim fits and semi-fitted shirts designed in classic style, providing the modern woman with an elegant look. Whether you are looking for matching or contrasting men's and women's shirts, you can have it in the complete range of John Kevin, where every fabrication is available in men's and women's styles.

What John Kevin promises each customer buying their shirt is a range of quality shirts that are delivered with an unmatched customer service. None of their products are manufactured by compromising quality. Each of their product is manufactured using superior fabrics, designed in modern and contemporary designs and crafted using high-quality workmanship.

To purchase these awesome products from John Kevin, you need to only visit Uniform Wholesalers. Uniform Wholesalers is one of the leading online stores in Australia that provides Aussies with high-quality Corporate Uniforms, Promotional Clothing and Sportswear. Uniform Wholesalers is a part of PR Ventures, an online company that has interest in promotional artwork, apparel digitizing, embroidery services and corporate clothing.

At Uniform Wholesalers, you can find a good collection of John Kevin shirts coming under two categories - Gents Shirts and Ladies Shirts. From Uniform Wholesalers, you can purchase these high-quality premium shirts at the best competitive price in the industry. When you make your ladies wear purchase from Uniform Wholesalers, you can avail the chance of getting a visor for 50% discounted rate.

For decorating your corporate shirt, you can avail the Embroidery Services provided by Uniform Wholesalers. Our embroidery services contain Left or Right Chest Embroidery, Back Embroidery and Name Embroidery. With these services, you can decorate your shirt with your employer’s logo and help in the branding of your organization, or you can also decorate it with your own name.

The embroidery services from Uniform Wholesalers can be availed at the best affordable rates in the industry. With no minimums, you can have even a single item embroidered with us, but our exclusive pricing structure is devised in a way that you stand to save more as you order more. For new customers, we charge a nominal $44 as setup fees.

So, purchase the best corporate shirts of John Kevin from Uniform Wholesalers at the best affordable rates. Visit our online store now.
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