In today’s blog we discuss the basics of buying a perfect belt. A cinching system that goes around the waist using tension to hold up a person’s pants is called a belt. Though they are small accessories, belts are worn for both function and style. They can have a large impact on your attire.

So today we’ll talk about when to wear one, the different types, and how to buy a quality belt that fits you right.  Belts have two parts: the buckle and the strap. This can be worn with pants, jeans with formal outfits and casual get-ups. Leather is the best suitable material for dress belts. 

Black and brown are the most traditional colors, some other colors for the smart-casual end of formal belts are oxblood, tan, navy, gray, and white for summer.

When you’re wearing a formal belt, be careful to match your leathers and metals. Always match the metal of your belt’s buckle with your watch and cufflinks. Casual belts come in many more types, styles, and colors than formal belts, and these can be used to show more of your personality and individual style.

Belts always make their unspoken promise of making you look cool and smart. So what are you waiting for… Add your most important accessory to your wardrobe from our online store UNIFORM WHOLESALERS. 

One of the fastest moving products from our line-up, an essential in all clothing choices.

Biz Corporates Mens Leather Reversible Belt(99300)

Biz Corporates-Biz Corporates Mens Leather Reversible Belt--Uniform Wholesalers - 1

Product Details

  • boulevard range
  • 100% Leather
  • A quality reversible corporate belt that is not only versatile in function but also provides alternative waist style options with brown on one side and plain black on the reverse.
  • Sizes: to fit 72 – 142
  • Colors- Black and Brown 

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