Hi Vis Singlets from DNC at Wholesale Price

Hi Vis Singlets from DNC at Wholesale Price

DNC is one of the most respected brands all throughout Australia. Each of its products is popular and well-received by the people. Why is it so? Well, it is because from this brand we can find a great collection of quality products that are durable and comfortable, and the toughest.

The name DNC itself stands for Durable N Comfortable workwear and it is designed to “tame any harsh worksite and conquer every job”. This is why they have sported the tough and strong Aussie croc as their icon. Well, with these all features, the brand is truly a ripper in the Australian work industry.

DNC Workwear has been providing the Australian workforce with high-quality products from 1996. They use only the best materials to ensure that each of their products complies with all the industrial safety standards. The high tech fabrics ensure that the product is tough and durable at all times. From this brand, we can find a great collection of products, among which one is Hi-Vis Singlets.

Hi-Vis, or high visibility, is the property of clothing that helps it to be visible easily by others. It helps others to be aware of the wearer's presence, especially while working near traffic, or moving equipment, in low light conditions and dark areas. Hi-Vis Singlets are functional garments that can be worn for work or casual needs. And from DNC there are some awesome Hi-Vis Singlets and let us have a look at them:

  • DNC Hi Vis Cotton Back Two-Tone Singlet (3841) - This is a quality singlet designed for durability and comfort. It sports a polyester outer and cotton back that provides the fabric with breathable properties to keep the wearers extra cool. The fabric has a weight of 185 gsm. This is a Hi-Vis two-tone singlet and sports bright colours that is easily discernible from any background. The contrast binding can help the singlet provide added style to the wearer and the two-tone front and back keep the wearers safe. This singlet can be used only during day time. This singlet is available in XS-5XL, 7XL sizes and in Yellow/Navy, Orange/Navy and Yellow/Bottle colour options. 
  • DNC HiVis Cool Breathe Action Singlet (3842) - Designed for style and functionality, this singlet is made of 100% polyester micro mesh fabric. This fabric can ensure that the singlet is highly durable, while also being comfortable to the wearer. The fabric has a weight of 175gsm. For added styling, the singlet comes with a contrast panel. The cool breathes property of the singlet can ensure that the wearer is comfortable at all times. This singlet is available in XS-5XL sizes and in Yellow/Navy and Orange/Navy colours. 
  • DNC Wave Hi-Vis Sublimate Singlet (3561) - Quality and style are better provided by this singlet, but never for once think that it is behind in functionality. This singlet is made of 100% Polyester micro-mesh fabric that has cool breathable properties. It ensures that you, as a wearer, is kept cool and comfortable. The fabric has a weight of 175gsm. For added styling, there is a design of "WAVE" sublimate printed on one side of the shoulder and front body. The back of the singlet is a full Fluoro. This singlet is available in Yellow/Navy and Orange/Navy colours. This singlet can only be used during the day time. It is available in sizes that range from XS-6XL. 

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