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High-visibility apparel (or hi-vis) is clothing like jackets, pants, vests, coveralls, etc. that workers wear as a uniform to improve how others see them in a work environment. Hi-vis is especially used for workers who work outside those desk job works, in not-so normal environments.

Hi-vis has color properties that are easily seen from any background, and is highly reflective. Lime yellow and bright orange are common hi-vis colors because they stand out against any environment, in any weather.

The reflective properties come from retro reflective strips on the garments that reflect light back at its original source (like headlights). To be certified, the garment must meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards on the widths and amounts of compliant retro reflective material to help enhance a person’s visibility in low-lighting. All safety compliant hi-vis apparels is required to be balanced in design, which means it should consist of atleast good amount of reflective and background material which should be present on both the front and back of the garment when laid flat. This ensures the worker is visible from both front and back from a distance.

Your safety is ensured if you are easily seen

High visibility safety apparel (HVSA) makes you readily visible to drivers and operators of machinery you are working in proximity by increasing your safety in the workplace.

HVSA uses fluorescent colors for visibility: orange-red, red, or yellow-green, and colors for the work environment are chosen to contrast with the color of the work environment. These colours are used according to the work environment the worker is working in.

Hi-vis clothing options include jackets, singlets, t-shirts, vests, pants, polos, overalls and coveralls. We at Uniform Wholesalers have kept the basic requirements in mind and have designed high visibility clothing as per the standards and safety requirements. Shop from brands like DNC workwear, Bisley workwear, Hard yakka, King gee, Syzmik and winning spirit.

The difference between retro reflective and fluorescent materials for HVSA

Fluorescent materials depend on bright light for maximum visibility, and only functions properly when there is a source of sunlight. Fluorescent HVSA is indicated for use in bright light conditions. 

Retro reflective returns light back to the source of light that is shining on it and works best in low-light conditions. While the reflective nature of the material is still visible under bright light, there is little contrast, making it largely ineffective for work in bright, sunny conditions.

Many HVSA garments combine fluorescent and retro reflective properties for maximum versatility and visibility. However, not all fluorescent garments are retro reflective, and not all retro reflective garments are fluorescent.

High visibility safety wear can also be waterproof or flame proof as the need demands, allowing your workers to focus on the task at hand with a greatly reduced risk of external hazards.

Important things to consider when outfitting your workers with HVSA

  • If you are working in daylight, fluorescent HVSA is most appropriate.
  • Full body coverage is important for maximum visibility.
  • Contrasting stripes on the arms and legs help to enhance the visibility of a body in motion
  • Choose the color and stripe combination that provides the best visibility under the working conditions.
  • No other garments or equipment should cover the HVSA
  • Garments worn must adhere to ANSI standards, which is specific to the jobsite and type of work being done.
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