Appearances are very important as you walk in for your interview. We always worry at what to wear but the smaller details like hair your makeup is equally important and you have to pay more importance to it. Remember you don’t have to be a makeup artist to have that beautiful and professional look.

  • A proper skincare routine keeps your skin always glowing. A good face wash, moisturizer and a protective sunscreen works in its own way to keep your skin looking perfect.

  • Choose a shade that fits your skin tone, A natural foundation and concealer. The concealer shade is lighter than your foundation.

  • Use a hint of blush, a colour that compliments your skin.

  • A light colour eye shadow, Light and natural colours look best.

  • Neat and tidy eyebrows give you a sophisticated look.

  • Soft Lipstick shade is perfect. A lipstick which is bold and flashy will look odd and flashy. Avoid glossy lipsticks.

  • Never put bold mascaras, eye shadows when out for your job.

  • Simple sleek Hairstyles Hair to be swept away from your face. Half up, Half down or a simple sleek bun or a straight ponytail.
  • A big no to flashy eyelashes and eye liners.

  • The Thumb rule is simple, basic makeup is very essential and it makes you move about confidently too.
  • The final touch is your light spray which makes you feel and smell good.

Without overdoing it you should make an impression.. Rather than standing out in the crowd it is always better to blend in with your colleagues and seniors. Don’t forget the most important thing is that you feel confident in your outfit and make up.


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