Get ready -  Winter is here

Get ready - Winter is here

And finally, it has arrived, the Winter season, that heralded its onset by the start of June. Times are becoming cold and rather difficult. It’s cold and raining in Sydney. Cold weather has had its grip on Melbourne. Its relatively cozy at Perth, cold at Adelaide and cool and raining in Brisbane. Dear mates, as you prepare yourself for the cold times, then why not let us introduce you to the very best of Winter Clothing by Biz Collection?

Biz Collection range is one of our top performing uniform brands at Uniform Wholesalers. Biz Collection has an excellent collection of winter wear that is ideally designed to keep you warm as the weather grows colder. Well, with around 3 decades of apparel excellence, who knows better?

Let’s meet them:

  • Stealth Tech Hoodie – A great transitional piece of winter wear, this can be worn on its own as the winter sets in, and later can be worn under a jacket for extra warmth. Well, don’t forget the style it lends.
  • Apex Softshell – ‘Soft’ may be in its name, but it is hard to find a match to this tough performer. Designed in a comfortable year-round style, this offers great lightweight wind and water protection.
  • Charger Softshell – Again don’t be misguided by the name. this BIZTECH breathable, water repellant jacket lends you a stylish and stunning look, while helping you perform big.
  • Olso Bomber – An innovative BIZTECH water repellant fleece bomber jacket, it helps you to be street smart and stay protected as the cold sets in.
  • Expedition Quilted Jacket – There is nothing else that lends the great look that you could have with one of this on. Though ultra-light, this jacket is perfectly designed to keep you extra warm during those chilly days

Dive into Uniform Wholesalers to have a good look into these products. Shop for Apex Softshell, Stealth, Oslo, Expedition jacket ranges and a whole lot of other jackets from Biz Collection for gents and ladies at our Biz Collection  product list.  Uniform Wholesalers can also see to it that all team members can be coordinated with colors.

As a winter season surprise, get an additional 10% discount on jackets by using the code BIZWIN. So, act fast before the cold sets in hard.
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