Welcome back to yet another article from Uniform wholesalers. Glad to see you back over here. Getting straight to the topic, like discussed last time about scrubs, today we are highlighting how to select the best Scrubs for medical purposes! Enjoy reading further.

The factors for discussion for today are listed as follows:

  1. Comfort & Mobility
  2. Functionality (Features & Design)
  3. Material & Fabric Type
  4. Price
  5. Care, Maintenance & Durability

Comfort & Mobility factor in scrubs

The important point to note in choosing scrubs is the fit and movement wearing it. Sometimes, medical nursing scrubs are often worn for an entire shift and imagine when they have to be coupled along with PPE on top, this will make it even more tiring as the day goes on. Always choose scrubs that have a relaxed fit, stretchable fabric, and a lighter weight material.

In short, lookout for:

  • Stretch
  • Softness
  • Fit

Functionality of scrubs

A scrub allows you to keep what’s handy with you at all times without becoming a clutter. The functionality in a scrub’s overall performance is very important. Remember, a practical scrub can make or break a scrub and will either help you end your day with appreciation or outright irritate you every time you work in your medical nursing scrub. In short, lookout for:

  • Pockets
  • Collars & Neckline

Material & Fabric Types for choosing good scrubs

Fabric is important because your medical scrubs affect the comfort, durability, and maintenance of your scrub. Different material types and how their properties will affect the scrub that you wear. Properties important to choose a good scrub fabric: 

  • Stretch
  • Weight
  • Structure
  • Durability
  • Special properties

Price: How much should you pay for scrubs?

If your medical works have high contamination or a high spillage environment, your scrubs tend to be more prone to damage. Factors deciding how much one should be paying for scrub uniforms depend on: 

  • Expected lifespan of scrubs, or frequency of replacement
  • Working environment
  • Your job role

Care, Maintenance & Durability in scrubs

A scrub should be easy to care for. Some of you may have washing requirements if your medical facility requires your scrubs to be washed and dried at high temperature. This component can be summed up quickly. Consider the factors below:

  • Washing temperature
  • Laundry method (industrial or domestic)
  • Frequency of wash 
  • Risk of fluid spillage or contamination at work


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