Today T-shirts are the most common apparel to embroidery on.

There are many ways to personalize t-shirt clothing or even make them as unique gifts. 

T-shirts, today have become the staple of everyone’s wardrobe. You may want it embellished to make it more personal or to make it look a little bit unique than the one your friend is wearing.

While stabilizer can be used in most embroidery designs, with clothing it's best to use a removable stabilizer. There are several types of stabilizers designed for embroidering on stretchy fabrics. Some are temporary, while others are permanent. Some tear away, and some dissolve in water. You'll be amazed to know stabilizers attaches to the T-shirt with large basting stitches and one that adheres directly to the fabric. 

Company t-shirts embroidered with logos is the most commonly done t-shirt embroidery and a great tool for brand building. As a corporate giveaway, the t-shirt with their brand logo embroidered is very popular.

Customization or simply embellishing, whatever your purpose, embroidery gives you many choices. You have 2 methods of doing T-shirt embroidery:

  • Direct embroidery

  • Embroidery Patch

In direct embroidery, you will be sewing the embroidery directly onto the t-shirt fabric. If you are using an embroidered patch the patch is placed on top of the fabric and then it is attached

Hear us out, why the difference in embroidery?

Commercial Direct T-shirt Embroidery

When employees wear t-shirts with the company logo embroidered on the image of the company is raised a bit above par. The perceived quality of the company increases with a custom logo embroidered polo shirt.

Hear us out on the process of embroidery of a t-shirt. How it is done

The process of T-shirt embroidery

First, the flat graphic image has to be converted into a custom image for embroidery. The designs on the computer are converted into a format that the sewing machine understands. In professional language, you would call it digitizing. This is fed into the embroidery program on the computer of the sewing machine. The computer sends the instructions to the machine and the design is embroidered exactly as you envisaged.

Pricing of embroidery is based on the size of the design. The embroidery is usually priced by stitch count (number of stitches it takes to create a design in embroidery)


Hope you enjoyed knowing how your favourite embroidery prints are made to life.

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