The trend of customized t-shirts is very popular among teenagers and among celebrities. You can create your own custom shirt design. It can be a photograph of you or your friends, a random image you love, some drawing the logo of a sports team you love. It can be artistically inclined  or any of your own design. There are a variety of custom t-shirts which are trendy, unique, fashionable and stylish.

Clothing has become a symbol of expression today. At UNIFORM WHOLESALERS, we have all the customization options one would ask for to create their very own personalized t-shirts. We cater to options for t-shirt customization in terms of screen printing, heat transfer printing and even embroidery.

You have various options to work it for yourself, like printing on front or on the back with sizes on offer such as A4 and A3 sizes. We offer screen printing options varying from one colour to four colours as per your design.

Front Pocket Size-1 Colour Print


Screen Printing has been one of the oldest and the most commonly used method for printing on clothing. We have our own little studio that does screen printing upto 4 colours and we can do a variety of products like Tees, Polos, singlets etc.


Set up cost per colour   $44.00

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Heat Transfer Front/Back A4 Logo


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We cater to many other types of clothing choices as well apart from only business clothing for all your daily requirements like headwear, workwear, Personal protective equipment (PPE), business wear, and hospitality requirements.

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