Caps in particular offer us sun protection while also enhancing the look of our attire and flawlessly combining design and utility. Caps are made with an eye on fashion, with modern patterns, edgy logos, and beautiful colours. Their collection provides caps that seamlessly enhance numerous design statements, whether you're trying to flaunt a casual streetwear appearance or improve your athletic clothing.

Add a touch of urban cool and charm with these versatile caps and style them with any outfit of yours and make your own style. The caps have excellent fabrics, adjustable straps, and a snug fit that doesn't sacrifice comfort, making them perfect for prolonged wear.

The ideal fusion of fashion and function may be found in UNIFORM WHOLESALERS headwear. Elevate your looks and choose from so many designs, styles, brands, and materials. UNIFORM WHOLESALERS provides a variety of headgear options, from stylish snapbacks to hip baseball hats, to suit different tastes and situations. When it comes to headwear, comfort is key, and make your own statement.

Atlantis Headwear Deck (A3050)




Features of the product are:

  • Structured front panel
  • Flat visor
  • PVC closure
  • 6 sewn eyelets
  • Sweatband: 100% cotton
  • 6 rows on the visor
  • Fabric: 100% chino cotton twill

Lots of colours and sizes are available to choose from. Click here to add this product to your shopping bag.

FLEXFIT Worn by the world - (6277)




Features of the product are:

  • Athletic Shape
  • Silver Undervisor
  • Button & Eyelets same colour
  • 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex

Lots of colours and sizes are available to choose from. Click here to add this product to your shopping bag.


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