Beginning in the 1960s, t-shirts became a means of self-expression. In the past, plain white t-shirts transformed the clothing culture with tie-dye works of art proclaiming the rise of strong messages and slogans on the apparel to display/convey the thoughts.

Then later on, post this, t-shirts began appearing with messages and slogans using silk screening or screen printing began becoming popular.

The rise of marketing! Music bands began selling branded T-shirts to their fans at concerts, and young people began wearing band T-shirts as a symbol of their personal identities.

For the past few decades now, graphic tees have also been used as promotional and branding tools. Some people think that graphic tees consider them a form of free speech. Indeed, instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, you can wear your political beliefs, spiritual beliefs, sense of humour, or sense of outrage emblazoned upon your chest.

You’ll always be asked as to, does t-shirts allow you to have a great outfit feeling? The answer to the question of why one enjoys a great t-shirt outfit seems simple - putting a good t-shirt coupled with your experimental looks together is fun and creative and wearing it makes me feel wonderful. It's a more sought out apparel style for today’s times, though, when we factor it all, the reasons are too many to ignore such a beautiful wardrobe choice behind.

Clothing has become a symbol of expression today. At UNIFORM WHOLESALERS, we have all the customization options one would ask for to create their very own personalized t-shirts. We cater to options for t-shirt customization in terms of screen printing, heat transfer printing and even embroidery.

You have various options to work it for yourself, like printing on front or on the back with sizes at offer such as A4 and A3 sizes. We offer screen printing options varying from one color to four colors as per your design.


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