Welcome to yet another blog on Uniform wholesalers and today’s agenda is about something we always love to have, wear and collect - caps. Caps are basically chosen for many reasons but amongst them the three major reasons are:

  • Functionality they serve
  • Identity they help make
  • The brand value it creates on the wearer

For a better insight into all this, do read below in this blog.

Why functionality for caps? How does the functionality affect wearing a cap?

Whilst players want their eyes shaded from the sun, or ears covered with something warm depending on the season and climatic conditions, caps help people who don’t want their head to overheat and therefore most caps in sports are made from lightweight and comfortable material such as polyester, cotton and mesh and woolen for the winters respectively. This is what the function is served based on climate.

Caps can help build an identity!

Athletes and caps have a common agenda here - identity commonly referred to as who is wearing what and why and this is where followership comes into play. Consider this very peculiar example where a certain cap is affiliated with a sport even though it has no real benefit or in-game relevance. Snapbacks, for instance, are a streetwear product, and are also heavily connected with basketball and the reason behind this may be because basketball legend - Michael Jordan wore snapbacks himself and helped them become streetwear icon products in the urban fashion world, as well as the basketball community worldwide.

Identity branding on a whole new level!

Caps are not always worn during the game only, they can be like a branding or a marketing activity for fans all over. It makes sense for a sponsor sponsoring an area of the cap like the apparel (jersey) to use headwear when in the media’s eye because it’s in an area that everyone will guarantee to see the logo and not miss it. These days, sports caps need a combination of functional purpose and fashionable qualities, which are found in many sports.

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