White is the basic tee ingrained in both our lives and our wardrobes. After all, everybody needs it. It is the simplest, easiest piece of clothing imaginable whose job it is to fit perfectly, look effortless and always stay with the ever changing fashionable trend.

When choosing the white tee always keep these points in mind these tips for this classic garment while to team it up on its own or with something along with it.

Fit of your white tee

In a perfect fitting t-shirt arms should hit the midway point of your upper arm. On the waist it should not taper down it should sit well. For the oversized look, get a tee that has been cut with this intention and you can carry it off very well.

Fabric of your white tee

A white tee will be made out of cotton, or a fabric blended with cotton. This makes the fabric extremely soft and hard-wearing. The neatly-finished cut and the quality of the cotton give it a smart edge that will pair well with anything. Remember, linen is cooler but is slightly rougher than cotton.

White tees are a fashion staple which can be styled day and night and thousands of ways in between. You can make this a fashion statement by styling them in a number of ways. Wear with your suits, team the shirt with your shorts, layer it over a dress, pair with denims add them with your trousers and you can never go wrong,

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Hope you enjoyed reading our article today. You can look smart and chic during all your outings with these unbeatable tees.

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