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The hallmark of each Australian tradie is that they would work hard at all times, putting their greatest efforts into completing the job. For these hardworking tradies, the best companion would be work clothing that is too hard working, not just hard working, but showing the same work ethic like the tradie. And is there any type of workwear that would fulfil this criterion?

Well, there is a brand in Australia that is famous for brings out these types of workwear, workwear which works as hard as the tradie wearing it. The brand mentioned here is none other than Syzmik Workwear. Syzmik Workwear is a brand that is just over 2 years old in the Australian workwear industry, but it has become a name to be reckoned with.

The huge and instant successes behind Syzmik Workwear was that it, as soon as it arrived, started to provide people with what they needed the most. Being a part of the global fashion house, Fashion Biz, and a sibling of Australia’s most favourite Biz Corporates and Biz Collection brands, Syzmik Workwear knew the trends and the pulse of the Australian work industry, and what the tradies wished for the most.

Syzmik has been a brand that has been providing Aussies with high quality, and comfortable and durable workwear and safety wear. This has made the people trust in the brand a lot and believe that it would keep them safe warm and dry at all times, especially when they try hard to make a living. This quality has undoubtedly reformed the workwear industry and the huge success of Syzmik, within no time, has made other brands to manufacture products that stay on par, so as to not fall into oblivion.

While production, each product of Syzmik Workwear is strictly tested, continuously for its safety compliance, durability and comfort it provides. Through the use of innovative fabric technologies that fabrics that undergo stringent testing, Syzmik Workwear makes sure that their products are the most reliable, as the tradie’s safety and health depends on the workwear.

To meet the needs of hardworking tradies in the various workplace across Australia, Syzmik Workwear brings out products that comply with all industry safety standards. Their High Visibility Safety clothing is compliant to AS/NZS standards such as 1906.4:2010, 4602.1:2011 and 4399. To make the tradies feel comfortable, Syzmik Workwear has designed workwear that reduces heat stress, which is one of the major problems affecting productivity at work. Their work pants have 140% more breathability than traditional work pants and 77% more tearing strength. Their work shirts have 120% more breathability and 190% more tearing strength than traditional work shirts. The Rugged range of workwear they manufacture is made from “100% cotton that is produced in a square weave construction”, which is a “more open weave that allows the maximum amount of air to pass through the fabric.” Also, have a range of products that contain multi-functional pockets, this workwear can be your perfect companion to getting the job done fast and with minimum fuss. Pants that come with knee patches and reinforced hem helps to ensure the durability of the product and its resistance to normal wear and tear.

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