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Outdoors is what we are always concerned about. We will be anxious about how the weather will be like, how to stay protected against all the natural elements and so on. But what if you have a brand that takes care of all your outdoor needs? Well, lets us meet the brand.

The brand mentioned here is none other than Great Southern. A brand which started its operations in 1988, Great Southern is Australia’s most experienced and one of the largest jacket manufacturers. This brand specializes in outdoor clothing and understands how much preference we all give for outdoor clothing. It must not only provide us with comfort but also keep us protected from all the natural elements, especially when we least expect it.

Well wait, is this brand all about jackets? No, from this brand you can find a whole range of apparels that include Singlets, Polos, Hoodies, Bags, Caps and Hats, Accessories and much more. Great Southern, though taking pride in their jacket range, is a brand that has a great collection of products that provide complete clothing solutions to the people across different industries.

For over 30 years this brand has been at the forefront of manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of corporate and sporting apparel. What makes this brand’s product stand apart from the rest of the brands is that each of them is premium quality apparel. It is what Great Southern takes great care about because they know how important quality is considered by the Aussies. To ensure great quality for its products Great Southern manages strict quality control procedures. It helps all of its products to stand the test of time and quality.

Each of the products by this brand is made of materials that are sourced ethically and crafted with responsibility. By following strong social ethics and corporate responsibility you can be sure about the quality that this brand delivers through each of its products.

To provide the best safety and protection against natural elements, Great Southern products come with some innovative features, with one among them being Vor-Tech construction. Vor-Tech Jackets are exclusive to Great Southern brand and is designed to be a barrier between you and the elements. Vor-Tech fabric offers incredible breathability and efficient waterproofing properties.

The Vor-Tech is a 2 or 3 layer design which involves the lamination of Vor-Tech membrane with outer fabric and lining to provide superior wind resistance, water resistance and warmth. The breathable property of the garments helps in keeping you dry, fresh and comfortable all day long.

Great Southern brand also has products that boast of utilising a durable water repellent (DWR) technology. This causes water to bead and run off the garment. If a product sports this technology, you can be sure that for the life of the garment, water is unable to soak into the weave of the outer fabric.

Indeed, Great Southern is a brand that provides the best products catering to the different needs of the Aussies. Be it for casual needs, sports needs or for staying protected outdoors, you can have from this brand a great collection of products. And now, where can you purchase these quality products from?

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