Brand Focus - Bocini

Brand Focus - Bocini




The benefits of a promotional clothing isn’t something that everyone needs reminding about. A promotional clothing is one great way to promote your company name or some special message. While hosting any event, it is common to find employees of an organization wearing promotional clothing that bears the company name or logo.

As the need for promotional clothing began to be on the rise, many brands began to produce and distribute promotional clothing. And one among them stands out, with a rich history of more than a decade and providing high quality promotional clothing. The brand is none other than Bocini, a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of promotional clothing.

What makes Bocini stay unique and different in the industry is that it is a brand that is always passionately trying to create high quality fabrics and designs that are both revolutionary and functional. With a whole load of new collections designed in great new styles and providing immense comfort and super effective functionality, Bocini tries to stay ahead of the changing fashion and create a style statement of their own. 

The speciality of Bocini is that it is a brand that caters to the needs and wishes of all the generation, through a combination of classic and contemporary styles. For the traditional blokes, they have a great collection of classic corporate garments and for the younger generation, as mentioned above, they have a wonderful range of apparels designed in new styles and cuts. Not only promotional clothing, but a range of high visibility workwear and other workear brought out by Bocini is designed to comply with the Australian and New Zealand standards, even while being crafted in the latest design and technology. Among their range of sportswear, you can find products coming with new breathable fabrics, colours and styles.

Uniform Wholesalers, Australia’s favourite online store for Uniforms, Promotional clothing and Sportswear, proudly houses a great number of products from Bocini. Among our products list you can come across great collections like Aprons, Adult Hoodies, Adult Jackets, Adult Polos, Adult Singlets, Adult Tees, Adult Track Pants, Adult Track Top, Gents Shirts, Hi Vis Fleece, Hi Vis Jackets, Hi Vis Polos, Hi Vis Pants, Hi Vis Vests, Hi Vis Tees, Kids Jackets, Kids Hoodies, Kids Polos, Kids Shorts, Kids Tees, Ladies Jackets, Ladies Polos, Ladies Singlets, Ladies Shorts, Ladies Tees, Overalls, Work Pants, Work Shirts and other workwear products.

What Uniform Wholesalers provides is a platform from where you can purchase high quality and functional apparels in the best affordable prices. Whatever products we sell, we make sure that it is delivered to you in the best time possible and that you receive the best product only.

If you are wishing to turn your apparel into a promotional apparel, you can do it with the best Embroidery Services we provide at Uniform Wholesalers. Our embroidery services covers Left or Right Chest Embroidery, Back Embroidery, Name Embroidery and Cap Embroidery. The great highlight of our embroidery services is not only that you can avail the best quality services, but that you need not pay any additional fee as set up fee while providing your design for embroidery. Also, with no minimums, you can even place order for embroidery for a single product. But, with higher orders, you can stand to save more discounts.

For decorating tees, jackets or hoodies, you can avail our Screen Printing services that can support upto 4 colour print. With an affordable price range, you can avail the best screen printing services and have a cost effective means of personal or organizational promotion.

Browse through a variety of Sportswear and Promotional clothing from Bocini at Uniform Wholesalers. Visit Bocini now.

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