Your work shirt serves as more than just apparel. It exhibits your professionalism, attention to detail, and sense of fashion. The shirt you select to wear at work might say a lot about your character and work ethic.

An air of professionalism and attention to detail is suggested by a neat, well-fitted button-up shirt. It exudes a sense of dependability and expertise. On the other side, a shirt with a looser fit and a more casual appearance may suggest a relaxed attitude toward work.

Your decision to wear a long sleeve shirt goes beyond simple style. Your personal sense of fashion, taste, and even personality are all reflected in it. Every long sleeve shirt has a particular tale to share about the person who wears it.

The colour palette you choose is also important. A pristine white or solid-coloured shirt conveys elegance and adaptability and is ideal for creating an ageless and traditional style.  Bolder or brighter hues might exhibit originality and self-assurance.

An elegant sense of style and attention to detail are indicated by a well-fitted, tailored long-sleeve shirt. It conveys the idea of a person who values appearance and professionalism. Different signals are also conveyed by the long sleeve shirt's fabric and pattern. 

Finding the ideal long sleeve shirt ultimately from UNIFORM WHOLESALERS involves discovering a look that complements your personality and leaves you feeling at ease and confident. From sizes to colours, we have them all catered for you Let your shirt serve as a blank canvas to show your individuality and make a point without using words.

Ramo Men’s Long Sleeve Shirts (S003ML)




Features of the product are:

  • 80% cotton 20% poly combed for softness 
  • rich texture feel
  • tapered fit
  • Long sleeve

Lots of colours and sizes are available to choose from. Click here to add this product to your shopping bag.

Biz Collection Men’s Metro Long Sleeve Shirt (SH714)




Features of the product are:

  • 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton Poplin Fabric
  • Modern style with tapered fit and curved hem
  • Standard collar
  • Left chest pocket
  • UPF rating - Very Good
  • Tailored Fit

Lots of colours and sizes are available to choose from. Click here to add this product to your shopping bag.


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