Awesome Chef Shirt Collections at Uniform Wholesalers

No other professional would please us as much as a chef does. With an array of tastes and flavours and special dishes, they would cater to the needs of our taste buds, and provide us with a unique feeling. But, to provide us with the best, they also should have the best.

The traditional white uniform used by chefs has been around for so long, and it is one of the most easily identifiable uniforms. With the traditional hat, jacket or shirt and white or black pants, the chef would look as majestic as anyone as is a sight to behold too. Though colours have now changed to accommodate the needs of the busy lifestyle, chef uniform is still as important as it used to be.

Being covered in a lot of apparels, and working in the hot and humid environment of a kitchen, must never be a discomfort to the chef. It is because of this reason why chef uniform garments are designed in the best way and with the best fabrics that provide them with the greatest comfort.

The main function of chef shirts should be that they should be able to protect the wearer from the heat of the stove or oven. With chefs needing to work beside and handle boiling liquid, these shirts should protect the wearer’s body, in cases of accidental splattering or spillage of the liquid. Dealing with food and ingredients poses a high risk of staining, and it is countered by mostly designing double-breasted shirts so that it can be worn inside out.

With chef’s shirts being an important apparel for chef’s and to make each of their moment in the kitchen comfortable, many brands have ventured out in manufacturing high-quality chef’s shirts, using the very best of fabrics and innovative designs. At Uniform Wholesalers, we have a good collection of high quality chef shirts that can cater to the various needs of chefs.

Uniform Wholesalers is Australia’s best online store for purchasing quality uniforms, workwear, safety wear, casual wear and other garments at the best wholesale prices in the industry. What makes us the most favourite store is that we provide only quality apparels, and the cost of purchase from us is very less. With Uniform Wholesalers, you needn’t compromise on anything.

The Chef Shirts that we provide at Uniform Wholesalers come from two of Australia’s best loved chef apparel brands - Chef Works and JB’s Wear. Some of the products that you can purchase from this category are Chef Works 3/4 Sleeve Chef Shirt-(S100), Chef Works Black Polo with Checked Cuff and Collar-(PCHB), Chef Works Black Utility Cook Shirt w/ Snaps-KCBL), Chef Works Cafe Shirt-(C100), Chef Works Deep Grey 3/4 Sleeve Chef Shirt-(SK3001), Chef Works Denim Striped Detroit Short Sleeve Shirt-(SKS002), Chef Works Detroit Long-Sleeve Denim Shirt-(SKL001), Chef Works Detroit Women Chef Shirt-(SHC03W), Chef Works Female Universal Contrast Shirt-(CSWC), Chef Works Female Universal Contrast Shirt-(CSWV), Chef Works Fremont Mens Shirt w/ Pearl Press Stud-(SLMDC008), Chef Works Ladies Trenton L/S Denim Shirt-(SLWDE004), Chef Works Men's Black Banded Collar Shirt-(B100), Chef Works Men's Two Pocket Shirt-(DPDS), JB's Food Tunic Long Sleeve (5HFTL), JB's Food Tunic Short Sleeve (5HFTS), JB's Ladies 3/4 Hospitality Shirt (5LWS), JB's Long Sleeve Contrast Placket - Adults (4PCSL) and JB's Long Sleeve Hospitality Shirt - Adults (5MWS).

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Purchase quality Chef Shirts from Uniform Wholesalers, at the best prices in the industry. Visit our online store now.
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