Australian Spirit Kids Polo's at Uniform Wholesalers

Australian Spirit Kids Polo's at Uniform Wholesalers

The true unrelenting Australian spirit is commonly evident in each of the garments produced by many Australian manufacturers. Be it workwear, safety wear, casual wear, team wear or any such thing, they are designed to provide the maximum comfort to the wearer and showcase extreme durability.

Australian Spirit, as the name suggests, is a brand that is all about providing the best garments for the Aussies, particularly in the performance wear department. Aussie Pacific is known as a premium sports brand that has been providing quality apparels for the past 15 years. Over these years, Australian Spirit has been providing quality service and redefining the performance range in Australia, which has made it the best activewear manufacturer.

Australian Spirit has a great range of products that are designed to cater to the various needs of the Aussies, including mean, women and kids. The Kids Polos is one important range that is specifically created for the hyperactive kids, as they engage in sports and games. As they are for kids, it is important that they are highly durable and provide the best comfort at all times.

To purchase quality Kids Polos from the Australian Spirit, at the best prices, you can visit the online store of Uniform Wholesalers. Uniform Wholesalers is envisioned as an online store, from where you can make quality purchases of uniform clothing, workwear, safety wear and such at the best wholesale prices in Australia. We only provide quality products from the best brands in Australia, which has made us be the most trusted online store in Australia.

The collection of Australian Spirit Kids Polos you can browse and purchase from our store are Aus Spirt Glenelg Junior (309JS), Aus Spirt Liberator Junior Polo (336j) and the Aus Spirt Olympikool Polo Junior (334j) in 18 colour options.

The Aus Spirt Glenelg Junior (309JS) is a 100% Polyester garment in a mini-waffle knit with a thickness of 160gm and sporting the Kooldri feature. The Hi-Tech Moisture Removal will ensure that the wearer stays cool, dry and comfortable at all times. For additional monogramming purposes, you can find a piped sleeve panel in this polo shirt. This polo is available in 14 different colour options and at a price of $12.

The Aus Spirt Liberator Junior Polo (336j) is a 160gm 100% Polyester garment, created in a mini-waffle knit style, which ensures maximum comfort and durability. The Kooldri Hi-Tech Moisture Removal feature of this shirt will help make all the active kids cool, fresh and dry, all day long. This polo shirt is available in 6 colour options and can be purchased for $14.

The Aus Spirt Olympikool Polo Junior (334j) is a polos shirt made from 100% polyester fabric in a mini-waffle knit style. This polo shirt sports the Kooldri Hi-Tech Moisture Removal feature that enables it to quickly wick moisture and help it dry. On the style part, this polo has a 2-dimensional contrast colour sleeve design and wide body panels, which are highlighted with fine piping. For those who are fond of pockets, you can purchase these garments with loose pocket options. This shirt is available in 18 different colour options and can be purchased for $12.

Purchase the best quality Australian Spirit Kids Polos from Uniform Wholesalers at the best prices in the industry. Visit our online store now.

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