Always dress for the occasion right. That is the cardinal rule for work too. One must always be in the right form of attire related to one’s job and its responsibilities.

Coveralls, unlike overalls, cover the entire body excluding the head, and the hands, and are the gear of choice for factory workers, mechanics, firemen, and those in contact with industrial chemicals.

Coveralls are a sturdy bunch of clothing uniforms. They may be made out of various materials; however, these materials must be sturdy enough to endure the wear and tear of a person’s job. It also must protect the wearer from stains, chemicals and other hazards related to that person’s job.

The main concern of coveralls is safety. Overalls on the other hand, have made the leap from workman’s clothing to fashion statement in work. The same probably won’t happen in the case of coveralls as they are primarily protective gear

Did you know?

The US Navy also adopted the use of navy blue coveralls as their prescribed work suit. In the case of the US Navy, the coveralls bear the owner's name and the words US Navy. It also bears the owner's rank and insignia.

We are always urged to dress for success. Coveralls might not be glamorous or even flattering. However, if one truly is to dress for success, he or she must dress appropriately for his or her line of work, considering safety and practicality in every aspect.

Correct Coveralls for you. How do you choose?

These are some of the parameters considered while wearing coveralls


Not all industries that use protective coveralls are dangerous. Some workers just want the option of keeping their personal clothing stain-free and clean at the end of the day which is equally important. This could include people who work in the medical or food service industries. Wearing protective coveralls means that they are able to leave work wearing clean clothing and go on to socialize or even attend to other personal matters without having to go home and change again.


Some professionals work outside in the elements throughout the year and many don’t get to take the day off if it happens to be incredibly cold. With that said, coveralls can add an additional layer of warmth. Waterproof varieties also keep workers dry if they encounter rain or snow, helping those stays healthier and warmer.


Protective coveralls are made with specialized materials that help keep workers safe. This is especially important to various industries. For instance, fire safety professionals wear coveralls made with fire resistant materials that protect their skin from burns. Furthermore, people who work with hazardous chemicals or wastes are protected from any harmful contact with these necessary parts of their profession.


Some protective coveralls are made with high-visibility fabrics that cover workers from head to toe visibility. Engineers, Construction workers and even trash collectors all need to be visible at all times, especially when working in high-traffic areas.


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