Winter is coming

Like the wise men on Game of Thrones say - winter is coming. It actually is. Quite literally. So what’s on the agenda? Staying warm, of course. Does that mean looking like a giant pillow with a face? No. You no longer have to look ridiculous on cold days. Our products have a generous dash of style coupled with its core purpose – keeping you warm.

Check here to browse through our impressive collection of Jackets, Fleece and Sweats. Look smart in a soft shell jacket or extra smart in our Studio jackets. Our ‘Evolution’ jackets look pretty cool too, waterproof jackets can come handy on surprise rainy days. We suggest you get one of each kind. With global warming and all, you really don’t know what you are waking up to. Just saying.

What can make these products a lot cooler? Yes, that’s right – embroidery! At Uniform workwear we usually offer great quality embroidery at a setup cost. But our winter clothing offer comes with no embroidery setup charge.

That’s not it. We folks at Uniform Workwear like giving free offers that come with some more offers. Nice, isn’t it? Getting back to the subject - this offer also comes with very low minimums. We can take up orders with a minimum of 6 numbers to a maximum of bring-it-on (any number, really).

So in a nutshell, Uniform Workwear is getting you prepared for winter by offering you stylish winter clothing, with no embroidery setup charge and no pressure to make large orders. Pretty cool, aye? Call now 1300 400 995 to STAY WARM THIS WINTER!

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