Hello 2013! Here we come…

Whoever said 13 is an unlucky number needs to be whacked. If it’s so unlucky, why do we have such a great hunch about 2013? Thanks to you all, we at Uniform Wholesalers are having very high hopes from the upcoming year.

Uniform Wholesalers is all geared to serve you even better this year. Our plan, as always, is to make your uniforms look a lot cooler and smarter. Uniform Wholesalers is an importer and wholesaler of corporate uniforms, promotional clothing and sports wear. The company is a part of Global Kids Australia that imports and distributes Little Kangaroos children fashion clothing.

Our customers have the liberty of style, color and choice in general – we can customize all preferred uniforms and team wear clothing as per your liking.  Our product range spreads to encompass everything imaginable when it comes to uniforms and team wear – Shirts, Polos, Singles, Tees, Bags, Beanies, Caps, Jackets, and so much more.

Add a generous dash of personal touch by choosing to embroider logos on the product of your choice. We also offer embroidery and screen-printing services. To know more about our embroidery services, click here. For screen-printing, click here.

At Uniform Wholesalers, we are more concerned about quality than quantity. There are no minimums – 1 piece or 1000 pieces, we are game!  

Uniform Wholesalers is just a click away. Our product range will take care of all your requirements and our customer service is sure to impress. Try us and you will know! Shopping with us is very easy. No matter how big or small your order is; the shipment will reach you on time with very little effort from your end.

Try us out and let’s sign up for a long term working relationship! Happy New Year, one and all. Let’s get started!

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