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Hi-Vis Shirts at Uniform Wholesalers

Hi-Vis Shirts at Uniform Wholesalers

Hi-Vis, or High Visibility, is a property of clothing that makes it easily visible to the eyes. These type of garments are the most important when it comes to the safety or a tradie. They would sport bright and fluorescent colours that stand out from any background or by using reflective elements like tapes.

Hi-Vis clothing comes of much importance when the tradies are working amidst moving traffic, or equipment that are controlled by an operator. When the light outdoors is low, or when the tradies are working in dark areas, hi-vis garments are used. For best safety, the hi-vis fabrics should be AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 compliant.

There are three types of Hi-Vis clothing - for Day purpose only, for Night only and for Day and Night Purpose. Those for Day only purpose would sport bright colours, and those for Day/Night would sport bright colours and would also have reflective tapes taped on them. Those designed for night only would be sporting plain colours but would have reflective tapes on them. These tapes will reflect light back to its source, like light from the car’s headlights, so that other people will be aware of the tradie’s presence.

Hi-Vis fabrics are used to create all types of garments and one among them is Hi-Vis Shirts. Hi-Vis Shirts are those garments designed to provide everything that a shirt does, and also added safety. With the best quality hi-vis shirt, you can be sure of staying safe when you are engaged in your works.

In order to purchase high-quality safety shirts at the best prices in the industry, you can visit Uniform Wholesalers. Uniform Wholesalers is Australia’s best-loved online store from where you can make quality purchases of uniform clothing, workwear, safety wear, team wear, casual clothing and much more at the best prices in the industry. We are all about providing you with the best products at wholesale prices in the industry.

The Hi-Vis Shirts that we provide come from some of the best-loved brands in Australia such as Bisley Workwear, Bocini, DNC Workwear, Hard Yakka, JB’s Wear, KingGee, Nex Workwear, Prime Mover, Ramo, Sportage, Stubbies, Syzmik, Visitec and Winning Spirit.

The products that you can purchase with us include Bisley 2 Tone Closed Front Hi Vis Drill Shirt - Long Sleeve (BSC6267), NEX Hi Vis Light Weight T/T Work Shirt (NEX-336), KingGee Workcool 2 Spliced Shirt L/s - Cotton Ripstop (K54870), Bisley 2 Tone Hi Vis Cool Lightweight Mesh Ventilated Drill Shirt - Long Sleeve (BS6895), KingGee Workcool 2 'hoop' Tape Shirt L/s - Cotton Ripstop Fabric (K54880), Winning Spirit High Visibility Long Sleeve Work Shirts-(SW54)DNC Hi Vis Two Tone Cotton Drill Shirt, Long Sleeve (3832), Bisley 2 Tone Hi Vis Drill Shirt - Long Sleeve (BS6267), KingGee K54325 Hi Vis Closed Front Reflective Spliced Drill Shirt L/S Hoop Pattern (K54325), Bisley Taped Hi Vis Bio Motion Shirt(BS6016T), Syzmik Day Only Industrial Shirt (ZW122), JB's Hi Vis (D+N) Long Sleeve 190g Shirt - Adults (6HLS), DNC HiVis Two Tone Cotton Drill Shirt, Short Sleeve (3831) and much more.

For Embroidery needs, you can avail quality Embroidery Services from us. The services you can avail here are Left or Right Chest Embroidery, Back Embroidery and Name Embroidery. We provide our embroidery services at the most affordable rates in the industry and you can also save more, the more you order with us. We also have a one-time setup fee for new designs and first-time customers.

Purchase the best Hi Vis Shirts at the best wholesale price from some of the best brands in Australia. Visit Uniform Wholesalers online store now.

Gents Vests at Uniform Wholesalers

Gents Vests at Uniform Wholesalers

Vest is a general term that is used to refer to sleeveless garments that cover the upper body. Vests come in different types, sizes and shapes to cater to a wide variety of purposes and needs. And all around the world, it is known in a wide variety of names that includes A-shirt, Tank top, singlet, Waistcoat and such.

A-shirt or tank top or singlets are garments usually used as activewear or under a shirt. They would be light and equally designed to provide coolness and warmth. The other category of vests are the waistcoats and vests designed as outerwear, and we can discuss these products now. Waistcoats are designed as a businesswear to be worn as a part of a 3-piece business suit. For activewear and casual wear, you can have softshell or puffer vests that are designed for warmth and functionality.

Waistcoats are also referred to as vests in some part of the world, and they are usually worn over a dress shirt and necktie and below a coat. Waistcoats are a part of most men's formal wear and businesswear, where it appears as a part of a 3-piece business suit. Waistcoats are distinguished by the full vertical opening in the front, fastened using buttons or snaps.

Waistcoats first appeared in the 17th century and from then on, across the centuries, this product underwent many changes in shapes and styles to accommodate various needs. Now, even though these vests are usually used for formal purposes, they are now worn casually, both open or closed, overdress shirts and even t-shirts.

Outerwear vests are designed to provide the wearers with maximum comfort and they are crafted with quality fabrics and material that ensures the functionality and durability of the products. Be it for jogging, running or any other purpose, or used during the cold season for warmth, these vests can deliver the best performance and serve its purpose.

Vests are usually worn by men, as they have been the category of people using vests from the earlier days. As these garments are more popular among men, where can a proud Aussie mate purchase the best vest from, without having to spend a fortune? Well, the only place in Australia would be Uniform Wholesalers.

Uniform Wholesalers is Australia’s leading online store and the most trusted one too, from where Aussies can purchase high-quality uniforms, corporate apparel, promotional wear and other clothing at the best prices in the industry. Well, if we say the best prices, we mean it, and you can purchase any product from us at wholesale prices.

At Uniform Wholesalers, we have a collection of Gents Vests from some of the leading brand names in Australia. The brands that we provide in this category are Beacon, Bisley, Biz Collection, Biz Corporates, Ramo and Winning Spirit. These brand names are renowned for bringing out high-quality products that stand the test of time and provide you with what you possibly need. At Uniform Wholesalers, we would never let you compromise either on quality or on pricing.

At Uniform Wholesalers, you can also avail high-quality Embroidery services. In our embroidery services, you can avail Left or Right Chest Embroidery, Back Embroidery and Name Embroidery. Our embroidery services are provided at the best affordable rates in the industry, and we have a pricing structure that helps you to save more, the more you order with us. We have no minimums, which can help you to have even a single item embroidered and we can cater to bulk orders also. Through our Embroidery services, you can be sure to only receive the best output and the best cost-effective branding solution.

Purchase the best Gents Vests from Uniform Wholesalers at the best wholesale prices in the industry and be sure of getting the best products from the best brands. Visit our online store now.

Gents Shorts at Uniform Wholesalers

Gents Shorts at Uniform Wholesalers

The summer season is all set to announce its arrival as, after 3 months of cold and chilly days, the weather has become warm. These are the times when we start to wear short clothes to keep ourselves comfortable, and the most popular among the short clothes would be the shorts itself.

From times when wearing shorts was attributed only to young boys and kids, the change in weather and with each day getting hotter than the previous one, has made us all rely on shorts. The greatness of shorts lies in the fact that it can be used for a variety of purposes and can be worn in many an occasion. Moreover, shorts are much easy to wear and feel easy on the legs too.

Shorts can be used as part of casual dressing, informal party wear, team wear, activewear, and even workwear. Just reaching up to the knees, they keep the rest of the leg free, letting in air and also coming in a stretchable fashion provide us with much range of motion. Most shorts have multiple multi-functional pockets that help us to carry around our necessities. With high quality, durable fabrics and manufactured with the latest innovative techniques provides each short with the ability to be functional, durable and cater to our various needs.

Gents Shorts have become a popular category of clothing and many leading clothing manufacturers manufacture a good range of high-quality shorts for gents. At Uniform Wholesalers, you can find a good collection of Gents Shorts, tailored to suit the myriad needs of gents. Uniform Wholesalers is an online store that is the most trusted, popular and sought after for the high-quality products that we provide at the best and competitive prices in the industry.

The Gents Shorts collection at Uniform Wholesalers come from some leading brand names in Australia. The brands you can find in this category are SyzmikBiz Collection, Bracks, KingGee, James Harvest, AS Colour, Ramo, Winning Spirits and. A great range of products at a variety of colour options provides you with the ability to purchase the short of your choice easily with Uniform Wholesalers.

Affordable pricing and the chance to avail the services of Afterpay provides you with the chance to make easy and effortless purchases through Uniform Wholesalers. Afterpay provides you with an opportunity to Shop now and pays it later. Well, through Uniform Wholesalers, when you choose the option Pay with Afterpay, they will pay the order amount on our behalf and you can pay it back later in 4 equal instalments, which would be due every fortnight. Providing an interest-free service, you needn't pay anything extra while availing their service.

So, let’s gear up for summer with some awesome Gents Shorts provided by Uniform Wholesalers at the best competitive prices in Australia. Visit our online store now.

Brand Focus - Winning Spirit

Brand Focus - Winning Spirit


All of us wish to win and try to come out on top of what we do. It is this desire that leads to healthy competitions and the hunger for improvements. Well, when it is among brands, then we the customers are on the gaining side.

So, what defines a great brand? It would be their unrelenting spirit and a constant desire to be the best and win the competitive battles. Because when brands develop this hunger, they would try to produce only the best apparels that cater to our many needs. And, if this spirit is the deciding factor, then we can proudly hail Winning Spirit as one of the best brands in Australia.

Winning Spirit is a brand that has a wide range of clothing that includes industrial workwear, hi-vis wear, casual wear for men and ladies. All these garments are carefully developed to meet the needs of Australian tradies in various industrial areas. And how is this achieved? Well, it is with the use of high quality and durable fabrics that are able to withstand all the stress and tests of the Australian workplaces.

All the garments from the Winning Spirit brand comply with the various Australian safety standards so that the best protection is delivered to the wearers. Though most products are designed to provide the wearers with safety and protection, there is no need to be concerned about the styling that this brand’s products provide. From this brand, you can have the styling you wish, along with quality, durability, functionality and whatever you ask for. This has helped this brand to be the leader in wholesale uniform and workwear markets.

Work or leisure, comfort or safety, all your needs are taken care of by Winning Spirit. While wearing each of their garments, you can be sure that they would look good as well as perform with the greatest efficiency. With many products coming laden with a lot of functional and innovative features, you can be 100% sure of the quality that the products from the Winning Spirit showcase.

With products that have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, Winning Spirit brand helps provide the best experience to their customers as their fabrics are free of any carcinogenic or other harmful chemicals. So, let your spirits fly high with Winning Spirit and overcome all the various challenges thrown at you by the workplaces.

For over 2 decades, Winning Spirit brand has been at the forefront of providing high-quality products that have eased the tasks of the tradies and kept them safe. This has helped the brand to be the most popular one in Australia, with many Aussies going after for their products. Well, with such a fine brand around, from where can you buy its quality products?

The best place to buy the best among Winning Spirit products is Uniform Wholesalers. Uniform Wholesalers is Australia’s best-loved online store from where you can purchase the quality products from 50 leading brands in Australia. What makes Uniform Wholesalers stand out is that we provide the best quality products at wholesale rates in the industry.

At Uniform Wholesalers, Winning Spirit is one of the most sought after brands. From this brand, we have a good collection of products that fall under categories such as Aprons, Adult Hoodies, Adult Jackets, Adult Polos, Adult Shirts, Adult Singlets, Adult Tees, Adult Track Pants, Adult Track Top, Adult Vests, Bags, Beanies, Cotton Caps, Chef Caps, Chef Jackets, Chef Pants, Chef Scarf, Gents Jackets, Gents Knitwear, Gents Pants, Gents Shirts, Gents Suit Jacket, Gents Vests, Health and Beauty, Hi Vis Coverall, Hi Vis Fleece, Hi Vis Jackets, Hi Vis Overall, Hi Vis Polos, Hi Vis Pants, Hi Vis Singlets, Hi Vis Vests, Jackets, Kids Jackets, Kids Hoodies, Kids Polos, Kids Poly Fleece, Kids Singlets, Kids Shorts, Kids Track Pants, Kids Tees, Kids Track Top, Ladies Hi Vis Shirts, Ladies Hi Vis Polos, Ladies Jackets, Ladies Knitwear, Ladies Polos, Ladies Pants, Ladies Rugby, Ladies Suit Jacket, Ladies Skirts, Ladies Singlets, Ladies Shirts, Ladies Shorts, Ladies Safety Pants, Ladies Tees, Ladies Vests, Ladies Work Pants, Ladies Work Shirts, Overalls, Safety Jackets, Safety Pants, Visors, Work Jackets, Work Pants, Work Shorts and Work Shirts.

The products that you can purchase from this brand are Winning Spirit Men's CoolDry Contrast Polo with Sleeve Panels, Winning Spirit High Visibility CoolDry Micro-mesh Safety Polo Long Sleeve-(SW05CD), Winning Spirit Micro Polar Fleece Vest (Unisex)-(PF02), Winning Spirit Men's Contrast CoolDry Mesh Singlet-(TS19), Winning Spirit Ladies' CoolDry Contrast Polo with Sleeve Panels, Winning Spirit Adult's Close Front Contrast Fleece Hoodie-(FL09), Winning Spirit Men's CoolDry Micro-mesh Short Sleeve Polo-(PS30), Winning Spirit Men's CoolDry Raglan Short Sleeve Contrast Polo, Winning Spirit Croxton Hoodie Adult Unisex-(FL19), Winning Spirit Arena Jackets- Unisex-(JK77), Winning Spirit Savvy Tee Kid's (TS37K), Winning Spirit Men's Poplin Short Sleeve Business Shirt-(BS01S), Winning Spirit Women's Full Zip Front Short Sleeve Tunic-(M8636S), Winning Spirit Women's Poly/Viscose Stretch Low Rise Pants-(M9420), Winning Spirit Micro Fibre/Polar Fleece Reversible Vest-(PF04A), Winning Spirit Women's Chino Pants-(M9460), Winning Spirit Ladies' Stretch Racerback Singlet-(TS21A), Winning Spirit TrueDry Contrast Short Sleeve Polo-(PS32A), Winning Spirit Men's Bonded Polar Fleece Full Zip Fitted Jacket-(PF07), Winning Spirit Contrast Jersey Knit Short Sleeve Polo-(PS05), Winning Spirit Adults' CoolDry Basketball Singlet-(TS83) and many more.

From Uniform Wholesalers, you can avail quality Embroidery Services. The services we provide in embroidery services are Left or Right Chest Embroidery, Back Embroidery and Name Embroidery. We provide our embroidery services at the most affordable rates in the industry and you can also save more, the more you order with us. We also have a one time setup fee for first time customers.

To customize your products, you can also avail Screen Print and Heat Transfer services. Under Screen Print, we provide 1 Colour Print, 2 Colour Print, 3 Colour Print and 4 Colour Print. Heat transfer can be used to decorate your teamwear apparels with Left Chest Logo, Left Chest Numbers, Back Logo, Back Numbers and Names. Our product customization services come at low, affordable costs, with low minimums and affordable setup fees.

Purchase high quality products from Winning Spirit at the best wholesale prices in Australia, from Uniform Wholesalers. Visit our online store now.